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Whether you own a business and hire employees or you work for someone else, having an experienced Tempe litigation lawyer on your side is essential when you need to navigate disputes and protect your rights in the workplace. Denton Peterson Dunn is a leading provider of business law in Arizona with a solid reputation for getting exceptional results for our clients. We handle every detail of our cases with a comprehensive understanding of Arizona employment law, professionalism, and a deep concern about the welfare of our clients.

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If you’re an employer, being sued by an employee, customer, or another business can be devastating. You’re probably wondering how you will handle the situation without losing your financial stability or damaging your reputation. In these cases, you need representation and guidance from a trusted Tempe business litigation lawyer who will fight to protect your interests while guiding you through the legal process with expertise.

Denton Peterson Dunn frequently represents employees who are facing discrimination, unethical or illegal practices at their workplace, harassment, or breach of employment contract. These cases are usually very complex and require aggressive legal representation. Our firm has developed a reputation for success as we fight to protect the rights of our clients. Call us today to schedule your free, confidential consultation!

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The Dangers of Litigation | Denton Peterson, P.C.

While employment disputes are common, they can quickly erupt into a costly, time-consuming lawsuit. As an employer, you could be paying hefty financial damages if the judge sides with your employee, and you could even be facing bankruptcy if one big lawsuit against your company wins. All the time and finances you put into building your company could be lost in a single dispute.

As a top-rated Tempe employee lawsuit attorney, Denton Peterson Dunn is available to work with employers to identify any potential liabilities, lawsuits, or disputes that could arise in your workplace. We ensure your safety policies are comprehensive and clear, your contracts are straightforward with no loopholes that could leave you liable, and make sure your labor rules are appropriately implemented. Our attorneys will help you draft and review precise company policies and handbooks, and we will even help train your employees to ensure consistency and understanding. Let us ensure you are operating within local, state, and federal guidelines!


Tempe’s Most Trusted Commercial Litigation Lawyers

The Tempe business litigation attorneys at Denton Peterson Dunn have over 60 years of collective experience representing clients in all types of business disputes. We have built a reputation for aggressive representation and negotiation skills that get the job done. We will use our expertise and experience to reach settlements that satisfy all parties. Read our five star reviews on Google, Yelp, and AVVO to see what our satisfied customers are saying!

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“Recently worked with Brad Denton & Priscilla over at Denton Peterson. What a joy to work with them! They are extremely knowledgeable, effective, and responsive. They kept me posted all along the way and I would recommend them to anyone!”

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Angela D. – Arizona

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“I had the opportunity to work with Larry Dunn at Denton Peterson law firm relating to an issue involving title to some real property. Larry provided me with guidance on the law and helped me make achieve my goals for less than I anticiapted. I would happily recommend Larry or his firm to others.”

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Marty R. – Walnut Creek, CA

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Our Legal Team

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Client Testimonials

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Tempe employment lawyers need a thorough understanding of federal, state, and local regulations regarding both employees and employers. We have comprehensive knowledge of applicable laws and how to apply them, which can make all the difference in the outcome of your dispute. Reach out to schedule your obligation-free, confidential consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.

Business Litigation Lawyers With Over 60 Years Of Combined Experience

The Tempe commercial litigation attorneys at Denton Peterson Dunn have been practicing business law for over 60 years, giving us extensive experience working with both employees and employers. Whether you’re facing a dispute or a lawsuit that requires litigation, we have a deep understanding of how to negotiate, pursue litigation, and defend your rights.

Business Litigation Attorneys With Over 60+ Years Of Combined Experience
Tempe Litigation Lawyers For Dispute Resolutions, Contract Disputes, And Arbitration

Proficient In Alternative Dispute Resolution, Contract Disputes, Arbitration, & Related Matters

As a business owner, you’ll face many challenges that can threaten the business you’ve worked so hard to create. Call the trusted Tempe business attorneys at Denton Peterson Dunn for guidance with contracts, business disputes, out of court conflict resolution, and many other related matters. We can help you develop policies and procedures and identify areas open to liability.

Tempe Commercial Litigation Attorneys

Selecting a Lawyer for Litigation and Lawsuits | Denton Peterson PC

Litigative action against your business can result in significant financial penalties, loss of reputation, loss of other employees, and other serious damage. In these cases, it’s essential to consult with a trusted Tempe employment law attorney who can help you understand how the law applies to your case, what legal actions may benefit your business, and how to protect your rights in the process.

Our experienced Tempe litigation lawyers are expert negotiators and frequently able to resolve cases out of court in mediation. When it becomes necessary, we are prepared to build a strong case on your behalf and guide you through the legal process from start to finish. There’s a reason why our attorneys so consistently achieve 5 star reviews and have earned the prestigious AVVO preeminent rating. Reach out to Denton Peterson Dunn today to get the representation you need for a successful resolution of your dispute!

Estate Litigation Attorneys In Tempe

Estate Litigation Attorneys In Tempe

Real estate is one of the most complicated areas of legal practice because many real estate issues involve the convergence of multiple fields, including contract, property, tort, and tax laws. If you’re facing a dispute regarding real estate, you need a legal team who is proficient in all of these areas and can build a solid case on your behalf.

When you’re buying or selling property, seeking a commercial lease, or want to lease out a property that you own, you need expert guidance from a Tempe real estate litigation attorney who can protect you from liability, identify loopholes in your contract, assist you with contract negotiation, and much more to ensure that your real estate transactions benefit your business. When you are facing litigation due to a real estate deal gone wrong, you need representation from someone who understands how the law applies to your case and will fight aggressively for your interests. Call Denton Peterson Dunn to schedule your consultation with one of our experienced Tempe real estate attorneys to explore your legal options.

Tempe Construction Litigation Attorney

Tempe Construction Litigation Attorney

There are many reasons why a construction company may be facing litigation or why a consumer may wish to pursue litigation against a contractor. One of the most common causes of disputes is alleged breach of contract. Even if one party has failed to fulfill their good faith terms of the contract, the situation can become much more complicated when contract terms were not well drafted.

Construction litigation may be sought when there is a lack of risk management, disputes over the quality of the work, complications with payment, site condition disputes, and many other conflicts. The Tempe construction litigation attorneys at Denton Peterson Dunn are familiar with these complex situations and are prepared to help you resolve them professionally and efficiently while protecting the reputation of your business. Whether you’re a construction business owner or a client, call our experienced attorneys today to schedule your free consultation with our team.

Probate Litigation Attorney In Tempe

Probate Litigation Attorney In Tempe

A probate litigation attorney represents individuals who wish to dispute how a will, estate, guardianship, power of attorney, or trust is being managed. This subset of law is different from probate law that creates these estate planning initiatives. The Tempe probate litigation attorneys at Denton Peterson Dunn advise and represent individuals who believe they were unfairly disinherited, who believe the will executor is failing to fulfill their duties, if they think a will was not legally or properly written, or who wish to contest that a will was written under duress.

Our Tempe probate litigation attorneys can help you understand your rights, file the necessary documentation with the court, discuss your legal options, negotiate on your behalf, and if necessary, argue your case in court.

Experienced Commercial Litigation Lawyers

Results-Driven Tempe Contract Litigation Firm

Our Tempe employee dispute lawyers are skilled at providing peaceful negotiations, settlements, and mediation. When solutions cannot be reached out of court, we are prepared to take the necessary legal actions, including the pursuit of litigation. Call our office to request a litigation case consultation with our experienced Tempe employment attorneys. Our attorneys are professional, thorough, and attentive to detail as they provide the support and representation you need.

Tempe’s Trusted Litigation Legal Firm
Tempe Arizona’s Trusted Litigation Legal Firm

Protect your business, your financial health, and your reputation with representation from our experienced Tempe business attorneys. If you’re facing a lawsuit from an employee or another party, call us now!

Experienced Tempe AZ Estate Litigation Lawyer
Experienced Tempe AZ Estate Litigation Lawyer

If you’re facing breach of contract or need assistance with another real estate law related dispute, call Denton Peterson Dunn for experienced guidance. We will review your legal options and develop a plan.

Schedule Real Estate Litigation Lawyer Consult
Schedule Real Estate Litigation Lawyer Consult

Reach out to our office to schedule your free, confidential consultation with one of our Tempe real estate litigation lawyers. We will discuss your situation and what legal options are available, then determine how to move forward.

Business Litigation Law Firm Located In Tempe
Business Litigation Law Firm Located In Tempe

Whether you’ve been served a lawsuit or need to pursue litigation against an employer, Denton Peterson Dunn can help. We are experienced in the courtroom and ready to help you build a strong case.

Professional Tempe Corporate Litigation Lawyer
Professional Tempe Corporate Litigation Lawyer

Let us defend your business against claims from disgruntled employees or customers. We will carefully investigate and use our experience to prepare a strong case on your behalf. Reach to our team today!

Five-Star Rated Corporate Litigation Attorneys
Five-Star Rated Corporate Litigation Attorneys

We consistently receive five star reviews from our satisfied clients on Google and Yelp. Our team has also achieved the prestigious AVVO preeminent rating based on our reputation for skills and success.

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Whether you’re facing breach of contract, employment law disputes, or another conflict, our Tempe employment lawyers can help!

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FAQs About Our Legal Services

There are two main reasons to work with an experienced Gilbert business attorney: you want to proactively protect your business, or you’re in need of representation in litigation. In both cases, you need legal guidance from someone who understands state and federal business laws, can help you apply it to your business, and promote the success of your company.

As business attorneys, we offer many different legal services: Contract drafting, review, and negotiation; real estate lease guidance; protecting your business from liability; helping you understand how to ensure legal compliance; all types of employment law; franchise law; collections; business litigation; and so much more.

These somewhat similar processes are ways to encourage successful resolution of a business dispute out of court. The advantages of both mediation and arbitration is that they lead to faster resolution, are not part of public record, and are much less expensive than pursuing litigation. Each party will have ample opportunity to share their perspective and supportive documentation, then discuss the potential solutions with the other party with a trained mediator. The primary difference is that arbitration is generally legally binding, while mediation is not.
Business disputes can take many different forms. You may have a disgruntled employee, a serious disagreement with a business partner about how to operate your business, or disagreements with a contractor or supplier. Some disputes are the result of poorly written or vague contracts, handshake agreements, or lack of clear business policy. In these cases, your Gilbert commercial litigation attorney may work with both sides to promote resolution in mediation. When this is unsuccessful due to the nature of the dispute, the other party is difficult to work with, or your attorney believes litigation may be a better option, it might be in your best interest to file a lawsuit.
Your first step is always to consult with your Gilbert business attorney, who will listen carefully to your perspective and discuss the situation. You may be asked to provide documentation, emails, communication, a copy of the contract, and other supportive information to help piece together what may be happening. Our Gilbert business lawyers have extensive experience mediating disputes between business partners and are frequently able to successfully resolve disputes while protecting business relationships. Occasionally, litigation may be required for serious disputes or if one party has violated the law.
There are many situations where litigation may become appropriate. If someone else has caused damage to your business, you may have the option to file a lawsuit for breach of contract, defamation, breach of fiduciary duty, intellectual property disputes, employment disputes, or another cause. Ultimately, your Gilbert litigation attorney will listen to your perspective, review the situation, and offer legal advice depending on the circumstances of your situation and other factors.
Each situation is a little different, but your Gilbert mediation lawyer will provide guidance and representation throughout the process. Generally speaking, you and your attorney will meet with the opposing party, their legal counsel, and a mediator at least once. Often, you will meet on multiple occasions to fully discuss the situation. Each party will have the opportunity to share their perspective and produce evidence. The mediator will work to find a reasonable compromise that satisfies both parties. In mediation, the results of negotiation are not usually legally binding, while the decisions made in arbitration typically are legally binding.
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