Seeking Arizona Commercial Litigation When Your Business Partner Breaches an Agreement

Expert Business Lawyers Explain What to do in Breach of Partnership Agreement Cases

Starting a business with a partner may seem like the best choice. You can gain from the other person’s experience and knowledge, helping the business to grow more quickly. You can also share the liability you might face, which will reduce your risk. Plus, if the partner is a friend, you get the pleasure of running a business with someone you like and with whom you already enjoy spending time.

However, working with a partner also means that you run the risk of conflict. There may come a time that your partner not only disagrees with you about how to run the business but actually breaches the contract you have both signed. When that happens, hopefully, you will have a good Arizona business lawyer ready to consult. Here are a few things you should do if you are considering litigation when your business partner breaches an agreement:

Professional Arizona Business Attorney Explaining What To Do In Breach Of Partnership Agreement Cases

Review Your Partnership Contract

Start by reviewing the contract you have with your partner closely. You will want to do this with an experienced business lawyer as you may overlook important details if you attempt it on your own. Conflicts over breach of contract often come down to a fine reading of small details in the contract. The infractions are not always so large and dramatic. Your business lawyer in Chandler will help you understand how the details in your contract will be viewed in relation to your partner’s actions by the law.

Talk with Your Partner

Your first step before taking legal action should always be to try to talk to your partner – or any other person you are in conflict with and are seeking to take legal action against. Even if the situation seems unresolveable, you may be surprised by what you’re able to accomplish if you approach your partner in a spirit of understanding and reconciliation.

Review Your Options with a Business Attorney

If you aren’t able to come to a resolution with your partner, you need to determine your options with a business attorney in Gilbert. Some of the options your attorney may discuss with you include:

Bring a Lawsuit

If the breach of contract caused damages to you or the company, you may be able to sue your partner to receive compensation. Your attorney will help you understand if you have the grounds to sue and what kind of compensation you can reasonably expect to receive.

Reach a Settlement

You may not have been able to come to an agreement with your partner yourself, but your attorney may be able to negotiate a settlement between you and your partner. The settlement will reach a resolution and provide an appropriate restitution.

Expel the Partner

You may want to cut ties with your partner, and that would involve expelling the partner from the business. You may have to dissolve the partnership, which can change the structure of your business or its operations. You will also need to consider whatever the contract stipulates about dissolving the partnership.

Your attorney will help you understand which of these options gives you the best possibility of getting the outcome you want. Your Phoenix business attorney will help you understand both your legal rights in the situation and your legal responsibilities. Then you can make a choice that will be best for your business going forward while also helping you to get the restitution you feel you deserve.

Working with the right business attorney will be key to your success in any disputes you face in your business. Your attorney will give you the appropriate guidance to help you through the process and will represent your interests in any negotiations or transactions that take place. Your attorney will fight to help you get the best resolution for your case.

If you are going through a dispute with your partner over a breach of contract or other issues, call Denton Peterson Dunn to talk with an experienced business attorney about your options. Our business lawyers can represent you in negotiations or a settlement conference, or our litigation lawyers can take your case to court. We’ll help you explore all your legal options to get the resolution you seek. We serve clients throughout Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Mesa. Call us today to schedule a consultation with one of our business attorneys today.


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