How Arizona Company Owners Should Prepare For Business Litigation

Experienced Business Lawyers Share a Guide For a Successful Commercial Litigation In Arizona

During the course of your business, things can go wrong. Customers or vendors may breach their contract with you, or an employee may take company secrets to another business. Or you may have a customer or vendor try to sue you for breach of contract or some other issue. You need to be prepared for these and other scenarios by always working closely with a good Chandler business attorney who can guide you on your legal rights and responsibilities, as well as prepare and review contracts and other business documents to minimize your risk.

However, if litigation seems inevitable, here are a few things you can do to prepare for what’s ahead:

A business lawyer explaining a company owner how to prepare for business litigation in Mesa, AZ

Understand How Depositions Work

When your lawsuit begins, both sides will usually depose relevant parties in the case, including the opposing sides and any witnesses. The depositions are interviews that are designed to get important information in the case. Depositions can be in person or they can be via videoconference. Occasionally they are conducted on paper, but that is very unusual.

To prepare yourself for a deposition, you will need to work closely with your attorney on how you should answer questions. Your attorney will go over potential questions with you and provide guidance on appropriate answers. Your attorney will also guide you on how to deal with unexpected questions.

To prepare your attorney for deposing other parties in the lawsuit, you will be asked to provide a lot of information so your attorney knows who to question and what to ask. Your attorney will work closely with you to determine the right strategy.

Prepare For Document Transfer, Interrogatories & Other Discoveries

Attorneys on both sides of the lawsuit can get additional information from the other party by requesting documents, asking questions (called “interrogatories”), or making requests for admissions.

You will work closely with your attorney to prepare whatever documentation is requested by the other side. Your attorney may seek to block the transfer of certain documentation, depending on how it might impact your case and whether it contains sensitive information.

You will also work with your attorney on determining the appropriate documentation to request from the other side. Your Tempe business attorney will advise you on the needed documents, but you may have suggestions based on your dealings with the opposing party and the issues in the case.

Anticipate Motions To Compel

The opposing party may file a motion to compel you to provide certain documentation or information. Sometimes, that information may include confidential business information, trade secrets, or other sensitive information. Your attorney can block these motions either through direct negotiation or by arguing before a judge. Anticipating these motions can help you have a strategy in place ahead of time, which can put you in a stronger position.m

You should also work with your attorney to anticipate objections to your own motions and to develop a strategy for how to overcome them.

Prepare Digital Data & E-Documents For Commercial Litigation

Electronic documents and other data continue to be very important in business litigation. So much business is conducted online now, and records are kept electronically, so there is key evidence to be found in electronic data.

Work closely with your Scottsdale business attorney to properly prepare documents that have been requested so that they do not unintentionally reveal sensitive information that you do not want to reveal. When you get electronic discovery from the opposing side, work with your attorney to mine those files for all the available information. That may require working with digital forensic specialists.

Just knowing what to expect in the course of business litigation can help you be better prepared for it. But the most important thing you can do to prepare is to work closely with an experienced business attorney who can guide you through each step and give you counsel about what steps to take. Spend some time researching business attorneys in your area to find the very best to represent you.

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