How Does COVID-19 Impact My Legal Rights?

The coronavirus (and its manifestation as the condition COVID-19) is rapidly changing our society. The number of people who have personally contracted the virus (or know someone who has) is increasing exponentially. Daily routines have been thrown out of sync and everyone is having to adapt to a new, temporary “normal.” The attorneys at Denton Peterson, PC are carefully monitoring developments on behalf of our clients. Whether you’re looking for help in planning your next move in response to the pandemic, or need help in conjunction with how your life might have been otherwise impacted by COVID-19, we remain on hand and ready to help navigate the uncertain legal landscape created by this new virus.

How Does COVID-19 Impact My Legal Rights?


When entering into a contract, parties try their best to prepare for contingencies that might occur down the road and agree as to what to do in those events. COVID-19 isn’t your average contingency, and many contractual agreements may experience significant upheaval as a result of the new scenarios caused by this virus. The Arizona breach of contract attorneys at Denton Peterson have over two decades of experience drafting contracts and handling contract disputes and are available to help you work your way through the rights and obligations you may have as a result of a contract that has been impacted by COVID-19. Additionally, an experienced Arizona business contract lawyer can help draft contracts for you that will protect your rights in these uncertain times.


Employment is perhaps one of the most obviously impacted areas of everyday life as a result of COVID-19. Currently, the federal government is taking measures to alter medical leave law, and enacting new laws and regulations that will impact the rights and obligations of employers and employees in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. As the COVID-19 situation is ever-changing, the impact of these laws is not yet entirely clear, but is sure to have a significant effect on businesses everywhere.

As an employee, it is crucial that you are aware of your rights under the new COVID-19 laws. These new laws are intended to help curb the spread of COVID-19 while still caring for the financial well-being of employees. As such, these laws provide employees with certain rights relating to medical and family leave. It is important that employees are informed of these rights so that they will not be afraid to take necessary time off if the need arises and do their part in curbing the spread of COVID-19.

As an employer, it is equally crucial to know the impacts of these new laws. Compliance with employment laws is always crucial, and especially in times of emergency such as these. Employers need to know what their rights and obligations are in relation to employees who may or may not be directly impacted by COVID-19. New laws relating to COVID-19 do allow employees more rights regarding medical and family leave, but also allow employers certain rights in regards to keeping their workplaces safe from potential contamination.

Regardless of whether you are in the shoes of an employee or an employer, Gilbert employment attorneys at Denton Peterson have experience handling a wide range of employment matters, and are working hard to be ready to help you confront the issues facing you in relation to coronavirus and COVID-19.

Real Estate

In the same vein as contractual issues, coronavirus and COVID-19 is substantially impacting real estate rights and obligations. Everything from the sale and purchase of land to rental agreements is being impacted as people are adjusting to their new situations. Already, eviction and foreclosure proceedings have been substantially altered in response to COVID-19. Arizona Real Estate attorneys at Denton Peterson has been handling real estate matters for years, and has the experience and skill necessary to help you get the answers you need in the face of this new and ever-changing situation. If you have questions about your real estate related rights or obligations in light of COVID-19, contact us today and we can help you make the best of this challenging situation.

Other Business

Almost every aspect of everyday life is being impacted by the sudden coronavirus situation, and the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic means that more changes are likely to come. Even if you haven’t seen the impact in the above-mentioned categories, it’s likely that you, your business, or some other aspect of your life is feeling or is going to feel the effects of COVID-19 as the situation continues to develop in the Arizona and elsewhere. Luckily, the judicial system in Arizona continues to operate in order to handle the new issues that will be created by COVID-19, and to allow critical judicial disputes to be resolved in the midst of the COVID-19 situation.

Denton Peterson has decades of experience handling a wide variety of legal matters in the Phoenix, Arizona area and has learned to develop its legal services to ever-changing situations over that time. COVID-19 presents yet another major shift in the legal needs of the residents of Arizona and elsewhere, and our Phoenix business lawyers are ready to provide all of its knowledge and expertise in making sure that your legal questions and issues are handled effectively and efficiently.

If you have current legal needs, or if you have questions about your legal situation in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, call our Scottsdale business and corporate law attorneys today and let us help you work your way through this new challenge. There is a lot that none of us can predict—but having experience with the law and with past challenges gives us the ability to maneuver flexibly to help our clients in the face of serious and unforeseen situations like coronavirus/COVID-19. We have arranged for both in-person meetings (following social distancing guidelines) and remote audio and video communications. We are ready to help those who have need to access legal services, so our office remains open and ready to help. Please contact us to let us know how we can provide you with the assistance and services you need all while limiting the exposure to and spread of the coronavirus and its manifestation as COVID-19.

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