Advantages Of Retaining a Business Collections Attorney

Why Hiring a Debt Collection Lawyer Is The Best Option For Your Arizona Company

Almost every business has to deal with non-paying clients from time to time. It just comes with the territory. Some people just don’t follow through on their obligations. Maybe the bill is small, or maybe it is worth thousands of dollars. Simply letting these unpaid bills go by will quickly sink your business. Even the small bills can quickly add up.

You may try to collect the debt on your own, sending letters and making calls to no avail. The more you try to collect the debt, the more money you spend, and the more you lose. You can hire a collections agency, but in many cases a business will enjoy more benefits by hiring a business collections attorney. Here are just some of the advantages you would enjoy when retaining a business collections attorney to recover your debts:

Why Hiring a Debt Collection Lawyer Is The Best Option For Your Company In Phoenix, AZ

Access To Professional Tools & Techniques To Collect a Client’s Debt

Gilbert business collection attorneys have access to the kinds of tools that you don’t, and they have knowledge of techniques that you don’t. They can use these tools and techniques to successfully collect a debt when you are having trouble.

For example, attorneys can use tools at their disposal to uncover assets that the person may have to pay the debt. Knowledge of these assets can lead to more effective negotiations. Where those fail, the attorney can use that information to take legal action.

Intimate Knowledge Of Federal & State Laws

There are many federal and state laws that protect consumers from aggressive debt collectors, including the companies to which they owe the money. Without these laws, some companies would engage in unethical tactics to try to get what they are owed. Though you may not think you are doing anything wrong in your efforts to collect a debt, you may unintentionally violate one of these laws.

An experienced Scottsdale business collection attorney has intimate knowledge of the federal and state laws connected to debt collections. Your attorney can help you get what you are owed while also avoiding any fines or other penalties.

Get Greater Effectiveness With a Debt Collector Attorney In Your Business

When you send out a letter to someone letting them know that their balance is past due, many customers will find that easy to ignore. However, when an attorney sends out a letter telling someone that they owe money, they are more likely to take notice – and they are more likely to act. Attorneys are more effective at collecting debts in most cases than the company themselves.

Phoenix attorneys also tend to be more effective, and less expensive overall, than a collections agency. These agencies typically work for a percentage of what they collect, which can seem like less than an attorney fee. However, these agencies usually do no more than send out letters and make phone calls, which is the same thing your company was likely doing and will likely have the same impact (mostly none). Attorneys are able to get results more quickly, which means that their overall fees often end up being less, so that you can keep more of what you are owed.

When you have customers who won’t pay what they owe, don’t write those debts off as a loss. Hire a good business collections attorney to recover those debts for you. When you hire a collections attorney, you will increase your chances of successfully collecting the debt, you’ll pay less overall in the process of collecting the debt, and you’ll ensure that you are collecting the debt without violating any local or federal rules. Spend some time searching your area to find the best collections attorney you can to get the best results quickly.

Contact a Professional Business Collection Lawyer In Phoenix

In Phoenix, the business collections attorneys at Denton Peterson Dunn are ready to help you collect debts both large and small. Our team of experienced business attorneys help both small and large businesses with debt collections and a variety of other issues, including the creation or review of documents, representation in disputes, the creation of business structures, and more. Our attorneys offer top-quality work with a personal approach. You won’t have to deal with the bureaucracy or cost that you deal with at larger firms. We have offices in Mesa, Scottsdale, and Phoenix for your convenience. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.


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