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Whether you are a company that hires workers or you are a worker engaged in a dispute with your employer, you need an experienced Gilbert employment lawyer to help you protect your rights. The attorneys at Denton Peterson PC are ready to help you. We have an established reputation in the community for getting results for both employers and employees.

Representation for Employers

An experienced employment law attorney from our team will aggressively defend you to protect your business and your family’s future. Our team will help you understand your legal rights and obligations and will guide you through the entire legal process so that you do not inadvertently make mistakes that could cost you the case. For example, any actions you take against your employee, including termination, could be interpreted as retaliation for purpose of the lawsuit, and you could be looking at even more legal problems. Actions you take in respect to promotions, compensation, bonuses and other work issues can also be interpreted in regards to your lawsuit.

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Please be aware that client attorney confidentiality does not exist until we have been retained. We value your privacy.

An employee dispute could become a costly lawsuit. If a judge rules in the employee’s favor, you could end up paying big in financial damages. A single winning lawsuit against your company could bankrupt you, and all that you have built could be gone.

Our attorneys also work with clients to identify potential liability and other issues that could lead to lawsuits. We can help you identify safety procedures that are lacking, contract issues that could leave you open to liability, labor rules that need to be implemented, and more. We’ll help you devise policies that are precise and clear, train employees properly and ensure that you are complying with local, state and federal guidelines. Finally, we can help with the drafting of employment contracts or employee handbooks that protect your interests.

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Representation for Employees

Numerous laws protect you as an employee, but that doesn’t mean that your employer will always play by the rules. You may be asked to work overtime without pay, or consistently be subjected to long hours without a break. You may work in an unsafe environment, or you may be continually harassed by your boss or fellow employees.

You may fear reporting these issues to your management for fear of being fired or facing other retaliation. Or you may have reported the problems only to have them dismissed or be disregarded.

The experienced Gilbert employment lawyers at Denton Peterson PC will defend your rights to help you get justice for the wrongs you have suffered while also protecting your ability to work or to further your career. Our attorneys can help negotiate disputes with your employer or can litigate cases in court. We can help you to get a simple issue resolved, such as by getting back pay for hours worked, or we can litigate high-stakes cases that involve work-related injuries or harassment and can net large settlements.

Employment Law

Employment law is a complex field, and how the laws are interpreted or decided by a judge, jury or other parties involved will impact the outcome of your case. Our experience working with both employees and employers provides a unique understanding of how to properly litigate cases or approach settlement discussions. By working with a skilled and experienced employment law attorney from our firm, you will have a tough legal advocate, who knows the intricacies of the law, arguing for an interpretation of the law in your favor.

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Client attorney confidentiality does not exist until we have been retained.
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