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A fundamental principle of being successful in life is the ability to skillfully negotiate through conflict and communicate with others. When a conflict is simply beyond your scope, the lawyers at Denton Peterson Dunn are exceptional negotiators and mediators and are ready to help you reach resolution.

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    Professional Negotiation & Mediation Lawyer Representation In Phoenix

    Negotiation theory, practice, and mediation are one of our main specialties at Denton Peterson Dunn, PLLC. Having the ability to successfully negotiate through a legal concern is a valuable skill that we are continually improving and fine-tuning at our law firm. When peaceful negotiation is no longer an option, formalized negotiation (also known as litigation) is the next step in finding a solution to a complex issue. The law provides extensive rules and procedures regarding how to resolve a concern, and our attorneys at Denton Peterson Dunn are proficient in understanding and applying those rules. We possess excellent communication, negotiation, and mediation skills, and we will confidently protect your rights throughout the entire process.

    Phoenix’s Leading Negotiation & Mediation Lawyers

    When you seek guidance from our attorneys, our main goal is to educate about negotiation theory and application of the law. We help you make an informed decision based on the options available to you. Making a claim, especially for the first time, can be an overwhelming prospect for our clients, so we take time to listen to you and determine whether it makes sense to proceed with the claim in a formal setting or an alternative. A formal setting would mean pursuing litigation, while an alternative method would be negotiation or mediation.
    Our attorneys have a wealth of knowledge that we utilize to help our clients in a variety of ways:

    • Drafting business contracts
    • Preparing franchise disclosure and agreement documents
    • Purchase and sale of residential and commercial real estate properties
    • Drafting employment contracts
    • Collecting debts owed
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    While your mediator should have exceptional communication and negotiation skills, they should also be level, calm, and clear-headed. Legal disputes often carry a high level of emotional intensity, and a good mediator will know how and when to slow a discussion, utilize different intervention methods, and change the direction of a settlement conference. It is also important to note that both parties typically consult with their attorneys and then select the mediator together, to ensure full impartiality.

    When mediation begins, the mediator will explain the process and expectations to all involved parties, and lay down some ground rules for moving forward with the discussion. Because private mediations typically need more negotiation time than settlement conferences, be sure to communicate your needs and expectations about the length of the mediation time to the mediator.

    Mediations offer several benefits to all parties involved in a legal dispute. As skilled negotiators, mediators can help both parties resolve their differences, communicate their expectations, and open more opportunities for both parties to work through difficult topics. Remember, however, that a resolution is not always reached.

    How The Top Litigation Attorneys In Phoenix, AZ Assist In Arbitration

    Experienced Phoenix Attorney Participation In Alternative Dispute Resolutions

    Negotiation is the main avenue of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Our attorneys are regular participants of settlement conferences, mediations, and arbitrations with our clients, and have extensive experience helping individuals negotiate disputes with one another. Having a skilled professional negotiating alongside you and providing professional guidance makes all the difference in any legal dispute, and ensures clear communication of pertinent information. Negotiation allows more flexibility with the discussion and allows room for interventions such as caucusing (having the room to yourself and your attorney). This allows you to fully experience the scope of emotions caused by the situation without judgment from a courtroom full of observers. Being fully prepared is the key to making the most of your time and reaching an agreement, so attorneys at Denton Peterson Dunn ensure that all parties are fully prepared for the negotiation experience.

    As mentioned, negotiation and other alternative dispute methods are desired over courtroom intervention because the issue is typically resolved faster and costs less. The mediator in negotiation situations is usually a Judge Pro Tem (or a retired Superior Court Judge) or a highly experienced arbitrator with excellent conflict resolution skills. Additionally, the ADR can be utilized whether or not a claim has been made. Although the claim may not be fully settled through the initial negotiation meeting, there usually are agreements reached that can end the dispute and limit litigation moving forward.

    Small Business Dispute Conciliation Lawyers In Phoenix
    Small Business Dispute Conciliation Lawyers In Phoenix

    When you need professional conciliation for a small business dispute, the lawyers at Denton Peterson Dunn are capable, qualified mediators who can help you settle a dispute and reach resolution for all parties involved.

    Phoenix Professional Debt Mediation Law Attorneys
    Phoenix Professional Debt Mediation Law Attorneys

    If you have received a summons from a creditor due to charges of delayed payments, consider meeting with our mediation lawyers at Denton Peterson Dunn for professional debt mediation and settlement.

    Top Negotiation Representation Lawyers In Phoenix
    Top Negotiation Representation Lawyers In Phoenix

    When you choose our lawyers for negotiation help, you can trust that we will thoroughly prepare beforehand. We are excellent with preparing, planning, being respectful, and implementing a solution during the negotiation process.

    Affordable Phoenix Negotiation And Mediation Legal Services
    Affordable Phoenix Negotiation And Mediation Legal Services

    Our commitment at Denton Peterson Dunn is to provide successful, high-quality legal services at affordable rates so that every person has the opportunity to be represented. We excel in providing negotiation and mediation for business disputes.

    Skilled Phoenix Business Settlement Conference Lawyers
    Skilled Phoenix Business Settlement Conference Lawyers

    Settlement conferences in Arizona are typically led by retired Superior Court Judges, or volunteer part-time judges (Judge Pro Tem). The main focus during the conference should be on party self-determination, and it is critical for the Judge to remain completely impartial throughout the entire process.

    Phoenix #1 Mediation And Negotiation Law Firm
    Phoenix #1 Mediation And Negotiation Law Firm

    For many years, Denton Peterson Dunn has served Phoenix with top-notch mediation and negotiation services. Whether you have a small business dispute between employees, managers, or owners, we will help you find a solution.


    Skilled Phoenix Negotiation Lawyers Representation In Phoenix

    As a skilled law firm with exceptional negotiation skills and a commitment to the success of our clients, Denton Peterson Dunn is available 24/7 to offer legal guidance and advice. Let us help you reach a settlement that satisfies all parties involved!

    Great Business Attorney

    “We are a small business working on establishing our partnership and negotiating terms. Brad was patient and helpful, offering an exceptional service at a very reasonable rate. This law firm is absolutely wonderful and we are excited to work with them long term!”

    Very Pleased

    “We were very pleased with your services and everything you did for us. You got us thru a very difficult time. We would definitely use your services again and would absolutely recommend your services to anyone in need.”

    Outstanding Work

    “I’ve worked with Brad Denton at GDP since early 2000 and have always found their work to be outstanding. As an attorney myself, I understand the value of quality legal advice. I highly recommend their services.”

    Great Service!

    New York City
    “We have had a relationship with Denton Peterson Dunn for over 5 years, and they have represented our companies in almost every manner imaginable. From the most mundane of issues, to acquisitions, to legal defense and everything in between the skill and overall management of the efforts has been outstanding. Brad Denton has been our lead attorney within the firm, although we have worked with many others in the company over the years. They approach each case with an open mind, and an amazing grasp of relevant law...which in turn allows legal strategies and approaches to be managed correctly from Day 1. I can't possibly give a stronger recommendation to anyone considering using them!”

    Consistently Impressed

    “From the moment I first contacted Denton Peterson Dunn, I have been consistently impressed with their courtesy, skill, and professionalism. I would recommend Brad Denton to anyone. He is extremely knowledgeable in matters of the law and he proved to me that he is honest and reasonable as well. In my interactions with Mr. Denton he was always concise, well prepared, and most importantly kind. His preparation, knowledge, and experience as a litigator proved invaluable in every aspect of my case. I would recommend him and his firm to anyone who is in need of an excellent and tough attorney. I would be happy to share my experience in more detail as a reference to anyone considering this firm.”

    I Could Not Have Asked For Better Counsel

    “I found myself on the wrong end of a lawsuit. . . . Sterling handled my claim and to be honest I am so happy he did. Within weeks we had a settlement offer . . . . I am thrilled with his ability to see through the facts of a claim and relay that to his opposing counsel and effectuate a settlement . . . I cannot say enough good things about Sterling. He is personable, approachable, knowledgeable, funny, and talented as a lawyer. . . . . I highly recommend him as a lawyer and his firm is great, they give their time and do not just give you time you are paying for but had contact both on an amicable (human) basis, as well as great legal communication.”


    “Having had the occasion to require counsel and legal representation recently, I turned to Sterling for clarification and professional guidance through a most challenging obstacle. Solid information and continual, trusted encouragement was provided to me throughout the entire experience and the results of the case left me grateful for his expertise and interest. His knowledge, skill and of course his personal attention to his clients allow me to recommend him with confidence.”

    Their firm is a pleasure to work with!

    “Denton Peterson Dunn recently helped me with a legal matter and I was very pleased with their level of professionalism and overall great attitude.”

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    Phoenix Settlement Conferences

    Phoenix Settlement Conferences

    How Our Phoenix Mediation Lawyers Assist in Settlement Conferences

    Surprisingly, many courtroom judges actually advocate for the opportunity to implement an alternative dispute resolution program. They appreciate the chance to take a case off their schedule and have it sent to a Superior Court-approved judicial officer. The judicial officer will arrange a settlement conference, and once it is scheduled by court staff, all parties must appear either in person or over the phone. The ultimate purpose of coordinating a settlement conference is to quickly resolve the issue before too much time has passed and money spent, causing more harm than good to all parties involved. These conferences are primarily driven by negotiation, so having a skilled and experienced attorney on your side to facilitate clear communication is critical. Be sure to meet with your attorney beforehand and talk through your action plan, goals, and expectations for the conference. Denton Peterson Dunn will educate you about what to expect and how to carry yourself with value during the settlement conference.

    • We ensure each client is fully prepared by reviewing details of the case and talking about do’s and don’ts during the conference
    • We advocate for our client’s rights
    • We remain level-headed and calm to encourage clear thinking
    • We protect our client’s interests from the opposing side’s accusations
    • We provide guidance and encouragement to our clients during the settlement
    Mediation In A Negotiation Process In Phoenix

    Mediation In A Negotiation Process In Phoenix

    How Our Leading Phoenix Attorneys Assist in Mediation Cases

    Mediation is what happens when a neutral person assists both parties with the negotiation process. A successful mediator is impartial, happy to volunteer for the position, and carries excellent communication skills. Mediators are usually trained in the art of psychology, sociology, or communication, and often have a background in social work. If a mediator has a law degree, they should be utilized for their knowledge and experience in their specific area of law, and assist with negotiations associated with that subject matter.

    When searching for a mediator, it is important to ask how long they have been mediating, and what types of disputes they have helped settle. Be sure to communicate with your mediator beforehand if they charge per hour or flat rate for their services. If you are struggling to find an excellent mediator, contact Denton Peterson Dunn, PLLC for assistance. We have a hand-selected list of reputable mediators that consistently create positive outcomes during their mediation sessions.

    • We educate our clients about mediation practice and theory, so they are prepared
    • We provide ongoing legal advice to our clients, so they are making informed decisions
    • We determine credibility based on the parties present and shared information
    • We negotiate for our clients’ rights
    Arbitration Process In Phoenix

    Arbitration Process In Phoenix

    How Our Trusted Phoenix Lawyers Assist In Arbitration Cases

    When mediation and negotiation fail to settle a dispute, arbitration is another option. Its process is quite similar to litigation in that both parties give arguments, evidence is reviewed, and a decision is reached. The decision is also known as an award. Arbitration can be either binding or non-binding, the main difference being that challenging a binding decision is basically impossible. Individuals typically use arbitration to settle business or employment disputes. Depending on the claim, arbitration can be either mandatory or voluntary.

    Arbitrators, similar to mediators, are either experienced attorneys or retired judges with extensive experience practicing corporate, business, or employment law. Denton Peterson Dunn has a carefully-selected list of reputable arbitrators available for you.

    Individuals prefer arbitration over actual litigation because the results are generally reached faster, and it is a more cost-effective process. Additionally, arbitration is popular due to the difficulty of challenging the final decision made by the judge.

    Licensed Attorneys Serving As Judge Pro Tem On Trials

    Settlement conferences in Arizona are typically led by retired Superior Court Judges, or volunteer part-time judges (Judge Pro Tem). The main focus during the conference should be on party self-determination, and it is critical for the Judge to remain completely impartial throughout the entire process.

    To become a Judge Pro Tem, a licensed attorney must have at least five years’ experience practicing law within the court jurisdiction and demonstrate consistent, reputable moral character. Before the settlement conference begins, the Judge will review all the claims, pleadings, and details of the case. You can expect the settlement conference to last about 3-4 hours, and anticipate that all parties will have the opportunity to rate the performance of the Judge at the end of the meeting. If the dispute is unable to be resolved, litigation will continue, and a court date will be set.

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