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As a business owner, you need an attorney who gets it. You need someone who understands the unique struggles you face, and has expertise in the laws that affect you. The Gilbert business lawyers at Denton Peterson PC have been in business for many years, so they understand the unique challenges that business owners face, and they have the legal expertise you need to guide you.

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    Between managing your employees, marketing to customers, and trying to grow your business, you don’t have time to worry about the legal ins and outs such as when certain filings are due or what guidelines you have to have in place. That’s why you need to work with a corporate attorney from our firm. Our team will manage those details for you and give you advice on what actions you need to take to meet your legal obligations and to minimize your liability.

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    Forming a LLC or Corporation | Denton Peterson PC

    As experienced small business owners and representatives, the Phoenix business lawyers and Tempe business attorneys at Denton Peterson are knowledgeable in the complexities of corporate law. When you are busy with various aspects of running a business, it can be incredibly challenging to also make sure taxes are filed appropriately, stay on top of marketing techniques, hire and manage employees, and think about your legal obligations. When you choose to hand over your legal responsibilities to our competent Scottsdale business lawyers, you will be free to focus on other areas of your business that require your special attention. Denton Peterson is proud to carry the AV Preeminent rating, along with a solid history of five-star service to all our clients. Schedule your consultation today with one of our Mesa business & corporate law attorneys.

    Gilbert Business Structuring Service

    Gilbert Business Structuring Service

    Building the right foundation is essential to your business success. Part of that is choosing the right business structure or entity. An Arizona business lawyer from our team will help you understand the benefits and disadvantages of the different entity types for your business, including sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company and corporation. There are also variations on some of these entities that may better fit your specific situation.

    Your choice of business structure may affect the type and amount of taxes you pay, how much liability you bear as an individual, how much control you are able to exert over the business, the relationship between the business partners and so on. We’ll talk through your goals for your business and help you understand how each entity type aligns with those goals to help you make the decision that best fits your situation.

    Gilbert Business Filing Service

    Gilbert Business Filing Service

    Professional Gilbert Corporate Filing Service

    Part of operating a business involves filing or preparing the right paperwork at the time of the formation of your business or when you provide financial updates about it. The type of filings required for your business depend on your entity type, industry and possibly other criteria.

    We’ll help with whatever filings your business needs to submit, and we’ll help you understand all the legal issues associated with such filings. A corporate attorney from our team can help you understand your obligations and then prepare the paperwork on your behalf, ensuring that it is filed properly and on time. Some of these filings may include:

    • Articles of Incorporation
    • Annual Reports
    • Articles of Dissolution or Termination
    • Articles of Amendment
    • Statutory Agency Documents
    • Certificates of Disclosure
    Our Legal Team

    Our Legal Team

    From contracts to employment law, our business law team will keep you operating legally.

    Client Testimonials

    Client Testimonials

    Denton Peterson Dunn has built long term relationships with many business law clients. Here is what they say.

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    The Law Blog

    Common legal issues businesses encounter explained by the lawyers at Denton Peterson Dunn.

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    Read Reviews For Our Business Law Lawyers In Gilbert

    For over 25 years, Denton Peterson has served the greater Phoenix area as effective Arizona business litigation lawyers. Our commitment to professional service and your success as a business owner and individual is what empowers us to treat you with priority. With our history of excellent reviews, it is easy to see why Denton Peterson is so highly recommended.

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    “I had a great experience with the entire team. I was thoroughly impressed with their knowledge, response time & their drive on my case.”

    5 Star Client Reviews - Denton Peterson PC

    Top Notch Team!

    “We are very thankful Brad Denton and Elena Cottam dissected documents and gave us essential advice on best business practices.”

    5 Star Client Reviews - Denton Peterson PC

    Why Gilbert Businesses Choose Our Corporate Lawyers

    Highly Qualified And Skilled Business Lawyers Near Gilbert

    Highly Qualified & Skilled Business Lawyers Near You

    Having the guidance of a skilled lawyer throughout your time in business is a huge asset. From ongoing counsel and advice regarding complex situations, to mediation and litigation over disputes such as breach of contract or harassment, Denton Peterson Dunn is equipped and ready to help.

    Over 60+ Years Of Combined Experience In Corporate Law Cases

    With decades of combined experience representing clients in all types of cases, Denton Peterson knows the ins and outs of Arizona business law. We work diligently to keep up to date with the latest regulations and requirements for business entities, so that we can serve you with our best foot forward.

    Over 60+ Years Of Combined Experience In Corporate Law Cases Near Gilbert
    Gilbert LawyersSpecializing In Business Structuring, Employment Contracts & More

    We Specialize In Business Structuring, Employment Contracts & More

    Whether you simply need to consult with an attorney about a legal concern, or you are facing charges of harassment, or you need to restructure your business, Denton Peterson is an excellent resource. We are prepared to assist with all legal aspects of business management to ensure your success.

    Best Corporate Attorneys In Gilbert

    Preeminent-Rated Gilbert Corporate Law Attorneys
    Gilbert Business Lawyers | Denton Peterson PC

    When setting up your business, it is critical to register as the correct entity, otherwise you will be held personally liable for any shortcomings that occur. A Phoenix business lawyer at Denton Peterson can walk you through the various choices, including sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, limited liability company, and more. We will make sure you fully understand the registration requirements, the daily operations, and effect each entity will have on your business, so you can make an informed decision that best suits your long-term business goals. As highly-rated Arizona trademark lawyers, our team carries extensive knowledge about the ins and outs of business law and requirements, and will put you on the path to success by helping you start your business on a firm foundation.

    Gilbert Lawyers Experienced In Drafting Business Contracts

    Gilbert Business Contract Services

    Contracts are at the heart of doing business. Most, if not all transactions your business is involved in should be in writing, from hiring employees to buying inventory. But if the contract is not written properly, you are leaving yourself open to liability and loss. A partner could claim he should receive more profits, a party to a contract that did not work out could refuse to refund your money, or a stockholder could sue you for alleged improper actions taken as a business officer. We can create any contract that you need in the course of the operation of your business, and we will write it to minimize your liability and protect your rights. For help from Arizona non-compete lawyers and help with a variety of business filings, contact Denton Peterson PC today! Our attorneys draft iron-clad contracts that protect your interests. Some of the contracts we draft include:

    • Purchase and sales agreements
    • Real estate sales and commercial leases
    • Employment contracts
    • Non-compete agreements
    • Confidentiality agreements
    • Franchise and distributor contracts
    • Joint venture agreements
    • Supply contracts
    • Partnership agreements
    Business Litigation Services In Gilbert

    Gilbert Business Litigation Services

    Unfortunately, doing business is not without its risks. You may find yourself the object of a lawsuit, or you may need to sue a partner or supplier for breach of contract or negligence. Our experienced Gilbert corporate attorneys can represent you in litigation ranging from contract disputes to business torts.

    We represent clients on matters related to breach of contract, corporate governance, insurance coverage, real estate holdings, copyright infringement, interference with business expectancies and more. Our accomplished attorneys have a reputation for success. Call us today to learn more about how a Gilbert corporate attorney can help your business. Running your business without an attorney is like walking a tight rope without a net. Don’t wait until you fall to try to protect yourself.

    Local Gilbert Business Law Attorneys

    Experienced Business Law Firm Nearby Gilbert

    Set yourself up for success by choosing to run your business with an experienced Arizona employment attorney at your side. From setting up articles of business, to applying for a trademark, to walking through litigation situations, Denton Peterson has the expertise and knowledge that you need to deal with the legal complexities of running a business. Contact us today to setup a consultation.

    Legal Help With Corporate Filing Service In Gilbert
    Legal Help With Corporate Filing Service In Gilbert

    As a business owner, you have enough on your plate without needing to worry about filing taxes correctly as well. A competent Gilbert business lawyer from Denton Peterson can shoulder this responsibility for you so you can be free to focus on other management areas.

    Book Consultation With Gilbert Corporate Law Lawyer
    Book Consultation With Gilbert Corporate Law Lawyer

    If you have found yourself the target of a lawsuit, or need to pursue litigation, consult with one of our Scottsdale business litigation lawyers. We are intimately familiar with the litigation process and will work closely with you every step of the way.

    Average Cost To Retain A Gilbert Company Law Lawyer
    Average Cost To Retain A Gilbert Company Law Lawyer

    It is important to remember that hiring a Scottsdale employment lawyer is a financially savvy decision that will ultimately protect you and minimize your liability. The average cost of retaining a small business lawyer is approximately $250, though this number varies greatly according to your needs.

    Five Star Business Registration Lawyers Near Gilbert
    Five Star Business Registration Lawyers Near Gilbert

    When you need professional legal advice regarding essentially any aspect of running your business, consult with a Phoenix litigation lawyer at Denton Peterson Dunn, PLLC We are knowledgeable, friendly, and professional, and will do what it takes to push you and your business toward success.

    Compare Company Registration Lawyers Near Gilbert
    Compare Gilbert Company Registration Lawyers Near Me

    Visit with one of our Arizona shareholder dispute lawyers when setting up your business and choosing an entity. It is especially important to walk through the registration process with an attorney in a partnership situation, to ensure contracts are clear and fully understood.

    Top Company Registration Attorney Located In Gilbert
    Top Company Registration Attorney Located In Gilbert

    As a team of extraordinarily successful Phoenix & Gilbert business lawyers, proudly carrying the AV Preeminent rating, Denton Peterson is fully equipped to handle the legal aspects of your small business. From litigation, to contracts, to filing taxes, we are ready to do it all.

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    FAQs About Our Legal Services

    Seeking the counsel of a lawyer at the start of a business is an excellent investment. While business lawyers are most commonly known for guiding clients through disputes and the litigation process, they are also incredibly knowledgeable about business law and how it applies in a variety of situations. An attorney can make sure you are within legal bounds for your business, review and draft contracts, identify loopholes or potential lawsuit areas, and more.

    Yes, absolutely! When you bring concerns about a business dispute to a consultation at Denton Peterson, our first suggestion is mediation. The mediation process involves meeting with a neutral third party who is equipped to guide the discussion toward resolution without needing a judge to step in and make a decision. Both parties are ultimately still in control of the situation, and the entire process is typically much more efficient than bringing it to court.

    The biggest difference between an LLC and a corporation is that the LLC is owned by one or more people, and a corporation is owned by shareholders. Either entity will offer a variety of benefits to you and your business, so it is wise to speak with a qualified attorney to determine which may be right for you. It is always possible to transition your business to a different entity further down the road.

    Yes we can! One of our services at Denton Peterson Dunn is to draft, review, and revise contracts, employee handbooks, and letters of intent. We do this to help you avoid loopholes, unclear information, and potential lawsuits that could arise in the future due to something getting missed. Whether you have existing contracts that you would like our attorneys to review, or you are starting from scratch, Denton Peterson Dunn is ready to help.

    Yes we will! Our goal at Denton Peterson is to come alongside you as a business owner to help you be as successful as possible. If you are just starting your business, schedule a consult with our attorneys where we can spend time learning about your business model, goals, and financial standing. We will explain each type of entity and help you determine which will be the most beneficial.

    It depends on the type of entity your business is filed under with the state. Typically, with an LLC or a corporation, the personal property and assets of the owner is not at risk if the business is sued or goes bankrupt. The owners and the business are two separate legal entities. If the business is a sole proprietorship, the owner is held personally liable for damages and any legal concerns that arise, because the owner and the business are legally the same entity.

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