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If your business is struggling to collect on unpaid accounts, you need assistance from the experienced attorneys at Denton Peterson Dunn. Our team has over 60 years of collective experience supporting businesses through commercial collections and related litigative actions. As Phoenix’s most trusted and experienced commercial collections litigation lawyers, we can help you get your books in order and past due accounts current. Call us today to schedule your obligation-free, confidential consultation!

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Running a business in today’s economy is hard enough, but becomes even more difficult when you’re facing unpaid invoices and overdue accounts. In these cases, your business needs trustworthy legal guidance and effective legal action from experienced commercial collections litigation attorneys in Phoenix. We have successfully guided hundreds of clients through this process and are ready to help you collect what you’re owed with careful attention to legal compliance, details, and a respect for your business relationships. Our award-winning Phoenix business lawyers are ready to serve you!

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    Qualified Legal Experts In Debt Collections

    Reliable Debt Collections Negotiation Lawyers In Phoenix

    Debt collection is an essential part of any business, but unfortunately, many business owners shy away from collections because they are worried about legal compliance, don’t have sound financial policies, are understaffed, concerned about damaging their business relationships, or simply don’t have the time. The Phoenix debt collection lawyers at Denton Peterson Dunn are ready to help!

    Our experienced lawyers will guide you through the entire debt collection process from start to finish. We can help you develop credit policies and invoicing procedures that prevent accounts from slipping through the cracks. We can work toward debt collection on your behalf when it becomes necessary and are prepared to take cases to court when we believe it’s in your best interest, with careful consideration for your valued business relationships.

    Our Clients’ Reviews

    5-Stars Rated Phoenix Debt Collection Law Firm

    As the leading Phoenix debt collection negotiation attorneys, Denton Peterson Dunn has successfully supported many other clients through the debt collection process. This has enabled our clients to become more financially sound, enjoy improved cash flow, receive increased respect from their customers, and build a stronger business. Read our five star reviews on Google to see what our satisfied clients are saying about our top rated Phoenix commercial debt collection services!

    I Recommend Brad All Day Long!

    “Quality and value go hand in hand. The services of Mr. Denton are not inexpensive, but the quality of care and the Professionalism is 'next level'. In other words you get what you pay for. I recommend Brad all day long.”

    5 Star Client Reviews - Denton Peterson PC

    Highly Recommended!

    “I worked with Jay Parmelee on my employment case. Mr. Parmelee was professional and promptly responded to my questions. My case was resolved and I highly recommend Mr. Parmelee.”

    5 Star Client Reviews - Denton Peterson PC

    Skilled Wage Garnishment Collections Attorneys Near You

    Dispute Wage Garnishment With The Help Of An Experienced Attorney

    Wage garnishment can be devastating, especially when you’re already struggling financially. Dispute and resolve complicated payroll situations when you reach out to the Phoenix wage garnishment attorneys at Denton Peterson Dunn. We will handle your case with respect, professionalism, and attention to detail.

    Skilled Wage Garnishment Collections Attorneys In Phoenix
    Attorneys Specializing In Out-of-State Judgment Cases

    Attorneys Specializing In Out-of-State Judgment Cases

    Seasoned Legal Representation For Out-Of-State Matters

    Debt collection cases and judgments become even more complex when you are working with out of state issues. Denton Peterson Dunn is experienced in handling these types of complex cases and is ready to provide the best representation, guidance, and legal advice to help you resolve these scenarios.

    Phoenix Sheriff Sales For Debt Obligation Satisfaction

    Streamlined Sheriff Auction Collections

    We specialize in helping businesses manage sheriff’s auctions of repossessed property. Let us handle the details and get your valuable investments back so that you can focus on day to day operations of your business. Our Phoenix sheriff auction lawyers are dedicated to providing the highest quality legal services!

    Phoenix Sheriff Sales For Debt Obligation Satisfaction
    Phoenix Debt Collection Lawyers

    Phoenix Debt Collection Lawyers

    Proficient Legal Firm Specializing In Debt Collection Issues

    Debt collection is always complicated and often requires the expertise of an experienced negotiator. Whether we resolve your debt collection issue in negotiation or in litigation, we will fight for your rights and interests throughout the process. Call Denton Peterson Dunn to schedule your free, confidential consultation today.

    We Help Phoenix Businesses
    Of All Sizes Collect Their Debts

    • Large & Small Businesses Dealing With Debt Collection Issues

    • Building A Strong Defense Against Customer Lawsuits For Payment Grievances

    • Retail Stores With Customers Who Have Outstanding Balances

    • Contractors Seeking To Recover Unpaid Project Fees

    • Healthcare Practices Dealing With Outstanding Medical Bills

    • Property Managers Or Landlords Pursuing Rent Arrears

    • Businesses Needing Help Recovering Debts From Accounts Receivable Issues

    • A Wide Variety Of Contract-Related Litigation

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    Our Legal Team
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    Phoenix’s Best-Rated Commercial Collections Attorneys

    Seasoned Attorneys In Collections Law Near You

    We work with businesses and individuals in a wide range of industries to collect on unpaid debts, including medical organizations, contractors, and retail businesses. Whether your company is large or small, Denton Peterson Dunn can provide the expert Phoenix commercial debt collection litigation or negotiation services that you need for a positive outcome.

    Don’t hire just any attorney to assist you with something as crucial as debt collection. Get the best service and results from our Phoenix debt negotiation law firm, where we have over six decades of experience in the industry successfully achieving results for our clients. We handle every case with exceptional integrity and commitment as we keep you updated with excellent communication. Call us today to get started!

    Law Firm Assisting Businesses With Diverse Debt Collection Challenges

    Law Firm Assisting Businesses With Negotiating With Debtors

    With Debtors

    Our team has extensive experience in negotiation as we work to collect on your unpaid invoices and past due accounts.

    Law Firm Assisting Businesses With Filing Lawsuits


    When negotiation is unsuccessful, we are prepared to pursue litigation on your behalf to promote positive resolution of your case.

    Law Firm Assisting Businesses With Enforcing Judgments


    We are prepared to take legal action to enforce judgments when a client is still unwilling to pay what is owed to you.

    Law Firm Assisting Businesses With Defending Against Lawsuits

    Against Lawsuits

    If you’re facing a lawsuit, we will use our experience to build a strong defense on your behalf and represent you throughout the case.

    Law Firm Assisting Businesses Comply With Regulatory Requirements

    Compliance With Regulatory Requirements

    We pay careful attention to legal compliance as we collect debts on behalf of our clients and can guide you in your own policies.

    Phoenix’s Preeminent Collections Lawyers

    Strategic Legal Counseling for Debt Collections

    Debt collection is complicated and guided by many legal requirements. Free up yourself and your staff to focus on your daily business operations while we manage the many details of debt collection on your behalf. No matter how large or small your business is, Denton Peterson Dunn is ready to assist with strategic legal counseling to resolve unpaid accounts and prevent the situation from happening in the future. Let our Phoenix commercial collections attorneys guide you in developing policies and procedures for your business to promote timely payment. When litigation is required, we will build a strong case on your behalf to promote successful resolution.

    Aggressive Legal Representation For Debt Collections Lawsuits

    Aggressive Legal Representation For Debt Collections Lawsuits

    Our Phoenix commercial collections litigation attorneys have extensive experience building strong cases on behalf of our clients. We are prepared to fight assertively on your behalf to help you collect what you’re owed.

    Legal Counseling For Debt Collection Litigation In Phoenix

    Debt Collection Litigation Legal Counseling Near You

    Let our team of Phoenix commercial debt recovery lawyers guide you through the process, whether it’s to resolve unpaid accounts or to establish procedures that can help prevent them from happening in the first place.

    Debt Negotiation And Commercial Collections With Phoenix Lawyers

    Debt Negotiation & Commercial Collections Phoenix Lawyers

    We utilize our experience in negotiation to resolve your unpaid accounts professionally and effectively. Call our team if you’re ready to collect what you’re owed and improve your company’s cash flow!

    B2B Resolutions For Debt Collection Cases In Phoenix

    B2B Resolutions For Debt Collection Cases In Phoenix

    We focus on maintaining your valued business to business relationships as we go through the debt collection process. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we handle commercial debt collection cases.

    Business Collections And Debt Recovery Services In Phoenix

    Business Collections & Debt Recovery Services

    Restore unpaid accounts and collect on past due invoices with the assistance of the top rated Phoenix commercial debt recovery attorneys at Denton Peterson Dunn. Get started right away when you call our office to set up your consultation.

    Corporate Collections Lawyers Specializing In Peaceful B2B Resolutions

    Corporate Collections Lawyers Specializing In Peaceful B2B Resolutions

    If you are struggling with unpaid accounts but worried about how debt collection may affect your business relationships with clients or your reputation, call Denton Peterson Dunn to discuss your options. We can help!

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    FAQs About Our Debt Collection Law Firm

    Once we’ve agreed to work together, we will immediately begin taking action on your case. We may utilize a variety of methods depending on the circumstances of your case, what debt recovery methods have already been attempted, and the value of the unpaid account. Often, we are able to resolve unpaid debts simply by sending an official letter from our firm. This lets customers know that you are serious about debt collection. Our experienced Phoenix debt negotiation lawyers will work on your behalf to encourage payment. In the rare cases where litigation is needed, recovery of your debts may take months or longer, but are prepared to fight for resolution of your case as quickly as possible.
    Disputes between business partners are complicated, especially when significant amounts of money are involved. The Phoenix business lawyers at Denton Peterson Dunn are experienced in guiding negotiation and mediation between business partners. We are ready to guide you through this process professionally and effectively.
    Our team is committed to carefully following all state and federal debt collection regulations. We take legal compliance and ethics very seriously at our Phoenix debt recovery law firm and have developed a reputation for careful adherence to ethical and legal requirements. We are governed by the Arizona state bar and other governing bodies who ensure that our practices are both ethical and legal.
    Complete debt recovery can take weeks, months, or longer, depending on the circumstances of the case, the financial situation of the debtor, your company’s credit policies, and many other factors. When you schedule your free consultation with our Phoenix debt recovery lawyers, we will provide an estimate of how long it may take to collect what you’re owed.
    Arizona has a six year statute of limitations on most types of debt collection, which means you have up to six years to file a lawsuit against a debtor. However, the longer you wait to collect on an overdue account, the less likely it is that you will recover the full amount. Our Phoenix commercial debt recovery attorneys frequently work with clients to develop sound financial policies and procedures to prevent unpaid accounts. We can work with you to begin resolution of unpaid invoices in as little as 90 days past due.
    Unfortunately, even when a judge gives orders for repayment, some individuals or businesses will not adhere to the guidelines. Our Phoenix debt collection enforcement lawyers are prepared to pursue wage garnishment, sheriff’s auctions, and other actions to help you recover what you’re owed. Call our experienced business attorneys today to discuss your case!
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