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At Denton Peterson Dunn, we provide five star rated commercial litigation services for businesses in Chandler and throughout the Valley, ensuring that you get the highest quality representation for all of your business needs. Contact our top-notch business attorneys in Arizona for the most effective representation.

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Avoiding business disputes is not always easy, so when the occasion arises, it’s essential that you have a Chandler business litigation lawyer on your side who is equipped with the knowledge and expertise needed to ensure that you can continue to provide the best products and services for your customers. Whether you are having a dispute with a customer or contractor, a supplier, or even a business partner, the team at Denton Peterson Dunn can help. We are a trusted business litigation law firm helping businesses in Chandler that is qualified to help with a variety of litigation matters.

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Selecting a Lawyer for Litigation and Lawsuits | Denton Peterson PC

When you are in need of a professional team of Chandler commercial litigation attorneys, consult with the law office of Denton Peterson Dunn. With decades of combined experience, we provide a unique approach to your litigation needs through attentive consultations and customer oriented feedback to ensure that we have all of your concerns covered. Only help from an experienced Chandler business litigation lawyer can give you the results you need.

Our goal at Denton Peterson Dunn is to give you the best results possible when you are facing a business dispute of any kind. With top-rated Chandler commercial litigation attorneys on your side, we can give you the representation you need to ensure that your interests are protected whether you have corporate or civil disputes.

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Denton Peterson Dunn is a leading Chandler corporate litigation law firm with five star reviews across the web. We have an excellent reputation on AVVO, Google, Yelp, the Better Business Bureau, and more, making us the best choice for all of your commercial litigation needs. Our business litigators are a top-notch legal team that is committed to offering you the most personalized services that yield the most exceptional results. Consult with our Chandler attorneys today to learn more.

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“Recently worked with Brad Denton & Priscilla over at Denton Peterson. What a joy to work with them! They are extremely knowledgeable, effective, and responsive. They kept me posted all along the way and I would recommend them to anyone!”

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Angela D. – Arizona

Pleasure to work with!

“I had the opportunity to work with Larry Dunn at Denton Peterson law firm relating to an issue involving title to some real property. Larry provided me with guidance on the law and helped me make achieve my goals for less than I anticiapted. I would happily recommend Larry or his firm to others.”

Re-Posted From Yelp
Marty R. – Walnut Creek, CA

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Qualified And Skilled Commercial Litigation Lawyers Offering Services In Chandler

Qualified & Skilled Commercial Litigation Lawyers Near You

When you work with a litigation attorney who has decades of expertise and knowledge, you will experience a smooth, efficient legal process. We keep your best interest in mind from start to finish as we guide you through litigation to reach a solution.

Over 60+ Years Of Combined Experience In Business Litigation Cases

Denton Peterson Dunn carries over 60 combined years of experience in litigation and business law. We work diligently to keep our knowledge current with the newest regulations and requirements about mediation and litigation, so we can achieve the best possible outcome.

Litigation Lawyers With Over 60+ Years Of Combined Experience
Our Litigation Lawyers Handle Alternate Dispute Resolutions, Contract Disputes, Arbitration & More

We Handle Alternate Dispute Resolutions, Contract Disputes, Arbitration & More

Not only are we skilled with the litigation process, but our team at Denton Peterson provides expert assistance with dispute resolutions, contract disputes, arbitration, mediation, and so much more. From simple issues to complex disagreements, we can guide you toward a resolution.

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Martindale AV Preeminent Rated Business Litigators
Understanding the Timelines of Litigation | Denton Peterson PC

As Chandler’s leading Martindale AV Preeminent rated business litigators, Denton Peterson Dunn understands that litigation is not a clear cut issue that comes with a “one size fits all” solution. That is why we work hard to thoroughly review your case to ensure that we have every base covered, every option considered, and every avenue explored. We take our time to get to know your case and become fully immersed in the issues you are facing so that we can provide the best results. This is what gives us a strong track record for success and a stunning reputation with past clients.

After getting all the facts, we’re proud to help complete a detailed strategy to help with your litigation and help you through your lawsuit with an attentive team of Arizona litigation lawyers. We are proud to help make sure that your legal needs are cared for.

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Highly Experienced Chandler Az Contract Litigation Firm

Denton Peterson Dunn is a highly experienced Chandler AZ contract litigation firm that offers the highest quality corporate litigation representation to ensure that your business needs are taken care of. With five-star reviews on Google, Yelp, and AVVO, we also have an impeccable reputation on the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. We have years of experience helping businesses throughout the Valley with their business disputes and other matters that might involve litigation. With a team of experienced litigation attorneys on your side, you can get the representation and care you deserve for your case in Chandler.

Average Cost to Hire A Chandler Corporate Litigation Lawyer
Average Cost to Hire A Chandler Corporate Litigation Lawyer

Denton Peterson Dunn prides itself in its ability to provide the most affordable Chandler corporate litigation services for businesses in the Valley. We aim to give you a top-rated experience when you are dealing with corporate disputes of every kind.

Book Consult With A Chandler Corporate Litigation Attorney
Book Consult With A Chandler Corporate Litigation Attorney

Our Chandler corporate litigation attorneys are proud to meet with you to help discuss your case details, making sure that we give you our full attention and ensure that we learn every aspect of your case. Contact us today to book a consultation.

Case Review With Chandler’s Commercial Litigation Law Firm
Case Review With Chandler’s Commercial Litigation Law Firm

When you schedule a case review with our commercial litigation attorneys in Chandler, you will get a team of highly respected and communicative litigators who are always on your side and will work tirelessly to give you the best possible outcome for your dispute.

Legal Help For Commercial Real Estate Litigation In Chandler
Legal Help For Commercial Real Estate Litigation In Chandler

Denton Peterson Dunn provides commercial litigation representation for a wide range of business disputes including real estate matters in Chandler. Consult with our top-rated litigators in Arizona to learn why we are the best team for your lawsuit.

Compare Five Star Contract Litigation Lawyers In Chandler AZ
Compare Five Star Contract Litigation Lawyers In Chandler AZ

Compare our five-star contract litigation attorneys in Chandler with other firms in the Valley and find out why we are the best legal counsel for your business lawsuits. We provide reliable communication, expert legal support, and more for your business lawsuits.

Chandler Commercial Contract Litigation Legal Representation
Chandler Commercial Contract Litigation Legal Representation

The Chandler commercial contract litigation attorneys at Denton Peterson Dunn are equipped to provide legal representation for businesses seeking support from a top-rated business lawsuit law firm in Arizona. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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Our Legal Team

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Client Testimonials

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Whether you are on the giving or receiving end of a litigation case, our lawyers at Denton Peterson are a helpful resource.

FAQ’s About Our Legal Services

Depending what type of dispute you are facing, it can be incredibly beneficial to have a business litigation attorney on your side. For example, if there is a breach of contract, the attorney can help you enforce the contract, or defend you against charges of breaching it. A litigation attorney can be extremely helpful in all aspects of managing your business, from ongoing legal counsel to representation through a legal issue.

An alternate dispute resolution includes services like medication, arbitration, and neutral evaluation, providing a confidential and laid-back process to help you through all types of disputes. No matter what you are facing, you can expect the alternate dispute resolution process to involve a neutral third party who will assist you in reaching an agreement with the other party and avoiding litigation.

Commercial litigation occurs when a simple dispute or disagreement between two parties cannot be resolved. At Denton Peterson Dunn, we most commonly see disputes about breach of duty, breach of contract, misleading information, conspiracy, breach of privacy, and more. If a resolution cannot be reached through conversation, mediation, or arbitration, litigation is the next step.

If you feel that your business partner has breached a contract, it is important to seek the counsel of an experienced litigation lawyer. Denton Peterson Dunn offers a free consultation where you can discuss your situation and concerns, and receive some counsel about how to move forward, without being pressured to hire our services or make a quick decision that you are not ready to make.

Yes. If one party causes harm to another, and legal action is taken, it is referred to as a civil lawsuit and can include a business on one or both sides of the claim. The process is simple: one party files a legal complaint and summons with the appropriate court against the other party. Having the guidance of a lawyer can help ensure an efficient process with the best optimal outcome.

While mediation and arbitration are similar processes, each has some unique differences. In arbitration, the facts and evidence are heard by a private judge, who ultimately decides how the process goes and what the outcome will be. In mediation, the disputing parties maintain control and are guided to a resolution by a neutral third party.

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