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As top-rated Scottsdale real estate attorneys, Denton Peterson Dunn is highly experienced in the complexities of real estate transactions and disputes, and is ready to help guide you through the process.

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Real estate law requires skill and experience to navigate its complexities, as it commonly involves the blending of many legal areas such as contract, property, tort, and tax law. Having proficient Scottsdale property law attorneys that you can rely upon will help you be ready for virtually any legal real estate issue you may encounter as a homeowner, landlord, tenant, buyer, seller, or agent.

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    Qualified Real Estate Lawyers For Residential Property Transactions

    Professional Residential And Commercial Litigation Lawyer In Scottsdale

    Real Estate Attorneys | Denton Peterson, P.C.

    It is important to be aware of issues that could arise at any point in your real estate transaction. Whether you are buying or selling, our Scottsdale property dispute attorneys have the experience and tools necessary to provide excellent representation and guidance in all stages of the process. Before homeowners can settle into their new home, they will need an attorney to draft and review all documents relating to the sale of their previous residence and purchase of the new home to avoid opening up a real estate lawsuit in Scottsdale. These documents could include contracts, options, seller property disclosure statements, deeds, liens, and more.


    5-Star Rated Real Estate Litigation Attorneys

    Denton Peterson Dunn has the knowledge and experience to help you through residential real estate transactions in Scottsdale. No matter which party you represent, we can provide expert legal guidance, draft and review documents, explore all avenues available, and ultimately help you achieve your goals.

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    Legal Matters Handled By Our Scottsdale Real Estate Law Firm

    Property Sales, Purchases And Acquisitions Property Sales, Purchases & Acquisitions

    If you are in the process of gaining ownership or control of real estate, or are interested in purchasing property, Denton Peterson Dunn can walk you through the process to make sure you are not taken advantage of, or your rights are unfairly protected.

    Exchange Of Residential And Commercial Property In Scottsdale Exchange Of Residential & Commercial Property

    Whether you are buying or selling property, our Scottsdale real estate law firm is equipped to handle the process. We are prepared for both residential and commercial property transactions, so reach out to our legal team today to get started!

    Property Sales, Purchases And Acquisitions In Scottsdale Property Line Disputes: Encroaching & Trespassing

    If you are caught in a dispute with a neighbor over a property line or are facing trespassing charges, schedule a consultation with our law firm right away. You will have the opportunity to discuss the details and determine if you have a viable case.

    Lease Of Commercial Or Residential Property Lawyers In Scottsdale Lease Of Commercial Or Residential Properties

    Denton Peterson Dunn handles all legal aspects of renting and leasing commercial or residential properties. We make sure contracts are in order with no loopholes, and that all pertinent information is clearly stated to avoid confusion for either party. We also assist with evictions.

    Lien Foreclosures, Distressed Property And Foreclosed Homes Lien Foreclosures, Distressed Property & Foreclosed Homes

    Any home or business on the brink of foreclosure or owned by the bank can be purchased by another individual. It is wise to have a Scottsdale real estate lawyer on your side to make sure you are fully aware of the risks.

    Short Sales And Real Estate Fraud Settlements Short Sales & Real Estate Fraud Settlements

    If you find yourself in a situation where someone is deliberately misrepresenting the facts about a property for sale, or omits a fact to induce an investor to agree to a short sale, you need to contact our law firm for representation and guidance right away.

    Lawyers Helping You Understand Homeowner Association Laws And Regulations Homeowner Association Laws & Regulations

    From drafting HOA contracts and details, to petitioning against an HOA to change their requirements, Denton Peterson Dunn is an excellent resource. We make sure the rights of all parties are accurately represented and that the process is followed according to legal requirements.

    Scottsdale Lawyers Helping With Appurtenant, Evictions, Encumbrances And More Appurtenant, Evictions, Encumbrances & More

    Whether you are facing a claim or liability against a piece of real estate, an immovable building that is fixed to the land, or need to evict a tenant, it is in your best interest to seek counsel from a real estate attorney before moving forward.

    Scottsdale Closing Attorney

    Reliable Real Estate Closing Attorney

    As #1 rated Scottsdale local home buyer/seller attorneys, Denton Peterson Dunn knows that purchasing a home is one of the most important investments you could make. You take it seriously, so you can trust that we will work diligently to find a solution for any issues that arise before closing.

    Scottsdale Closing Attorneys
    Professional Scottsdale Landlord Tenant Lawyer

    Scottsdale Landlord Tenant Lawyer

    Qualified Rental Attorney Serving Scottsdale

    The relationship between a landlord and their tenant can often be complicated, due to being contractual. As experienced Scottsdale property dispute attorneys, Denton Peterson Dunn is qualified to offer legal advice regarding both commercial and residential leases. Whether you need help enforcing lease terms as a landlord or protection as a tenant, we can help.

    Scottsdale Tenancy Lawyer

    Real Estate & Tenancy Law Firm

    Denton Peterson Dunn, PLLC, is highly experienced in advising and mediating legal issues surrounding landlord and tenant rights. Whether you need assistance drafting lease agreements or help processing an eviction, our Scottsdale property dispute lawyers are an excellent investment and a valuable resource when you as a landlord need it most.

    Scottsdale Tenancy Lawyer
    Scottsdale Real Estate Adverse Possession Attorney

    Scottsdale Real Estate Adverse Possession Attorney

    Trusted Adverse Possession Law Firm

    With adverse possession, someone can legally gain ownership of a piece of property by continuously occupying it for a certain amount of time. If you are hoping to be considered for ownership of property, or are fighting to protect your personal property from adverse possession by another, Denton Peterson Dunn is prepared to offer legal advice.

    Our Legal Team

    Our Legal Team

    From contracts to employment law, our business law team will keep you operating legally.

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    Client Testimonials

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    The Law Blog

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    Why Choose Our Scottsdale Real Estate Attorneys

    Highly Qualified And Experienced Real Estate Lawyers Near You In Scottsdale

    Highly Qualified & Experienced Real Estate Lawyers Near You

    Attempting to navigate complex real estate concerns without the guidance of a lawyer is a huge risk. Nobody knows the law better than a licensed real estate lawyer, so take advantage of our expertise and experience at Denton Peterson to ensure a smooth, efficient legal process.

    Over 60+ Years Of Combined Experience In Real Estate Legal Counseling

    With over 60 combined years of experience helping clients navigate real estate law in Arizona, Denton Peterson Dunn is the best in the business. We know real estate law inside and out, and how to apply it in a variety of complicated, confusing real estate situations.

    Over 60+ Years Of Combined Experience In Real Estate Legal Counseling
    We Handle Cases Involving Residential And Business Property Purchases In Scottsdale

    We Handle Cases Involving Residential & Business Property Purchases

    From simple legal advice about purchasing property, to step-by-step guidance through a dispute over property lines, Denton Peterson Dunn is here for you. We have seen it all and know how to guide our clients through the complex process of purchasing a residential or business property.

    Scottsdale Real Estate Litigators

    Top Real Estate Transaction Lawyer In Scottsdale

    Misrepresentation in Real Estate Case | Denton Peterson PC

    No matter how much effort is put into the process, sometimes disputes arise that simply cannot be solved through peaceful mediation but require lenders and agents legal representation in Scottsdale. In these cases, our attorneys at Denton Peterson Dunn, PLLC, are prepared to represent parties on any side of the situation as litigation is pursued. Our team is familiar with the complexities of Arizona real estate law, and pride ourselves on understanding how it applies to various dispute situations. Whether you need representation regarding delinquent mortgages, eviction, claims against a landlord, adverse possession, or other situations, our Scottsdale real estate lawyers are equipped and ready to provide close legal guidance to help you reach a solution. Call our real estate law office in Scottsdale today at (480) 690-3142 to speak with a litigation attorney.

    Preeminent Scottsdale Real Estate Law Firm

    Experienced Property Attorney Near Me

    With over 60 combined years of experience advising real estate agents in a variety of issues, Denton Peterson Dunn has the knowledge necessary to represent you whether you are concerned about potential liability after facilitating a transaction, or if your commission is being wrongfully held by the broker. Contact our Scottsdale lawyers for commercial real estate transactions for expert guidance.

    Detailed Residential Lease Agreement Lawyer
    Detailed Residential Lease Agreement Lawyer

    It is important for tenant lease agreements to be clear, concise, and detailed, to avoid any potential future lawsuits. Our team at Denton Peterson Dunn has experience and knowledge drafting lease agreements and ensuring the rights of both the landlord and the tenant are protected.

    Scottsdale Dedicated Tenancy Lawyer
    Scottsdale Dedicated Tenancy Lawyer

    When you need legal guidance drafting tenant agreements, understanding rental laws in Arizona, or help with processing eviction, our tenancy lawyers at Denton Peterson Dunn are qualified and knowledgeable. As #1 property dispute paralegals, we can help draft, review, and enforce lease disputes throughout Scottsdale.

    Breach Of Contract Lawyer For Property Rentals In Scottsdale
    Breach Of Contract Lawyer For Property Rentals

    If you are dealing with a breach of contract in a residential or commercial rental situation, contact Denton Peterson Dunn, PLLC, to consult with an attorney. We are proficient in mediating commercial real estate issues in Scottsdale and will guide you through the process toward a solution.

    Top-Rated Real Estate Litigation Attorney Serving Scottsdale Residents
    Top-Rated Real Estate Litigation Attorney

    When you need help with residential real estate issues in Scottsdale, consult with our team at Denton Peterson Dunn for the best representation and expert legal guidance. No matter where you are in the real estate process, our trusted professionals have the expertise necessary to defend and represent you.

    Drafting Of Real Estate Purchase And Sale Agreements
    Drafting Of Real Estate Purchase And Sale Agreements

    The qualified Scottsdale real estate investment attorneys at Denton Peterson Dunn are prepared to draft, review, amend, and enforce all types of contracts, agreements, well agreements, easements, disclosures, and any other type of document relating to the buying or selling of property. Contact us today!

    Property Lease Breach Of Contract Lawyer In Scottsdale
    Property Lease Breach Of Contract Lawyer In Scottsdale

    Get help working through a property lease breach of contract when you consult with our top-rated attorneys at Denton Peterson Dunn. We have a thorough understanding of real estate law and will use that knowledge to protect your rights and reach a solution quickly and smoothly.

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    Experienced Real Estate Attorneys Near Paradise Valley

    Looking For Experienced Real Estate Attorneys Near Paradise Valley? Give Us A Call

    Don’t try to purchase property in Paradise Valley on your own. We have you covered!

    Legal Counseling To Buy A Home In Ancala, Scottsdale

    Need Legal Counseling To Buy A Home In Ancala? Contact Our Real Estate Law Firm

    Take advantage of the totally free initial consultation offered to potential buyers at Denton Peterson.

    Attorneys For Legal Disputes Over Properties In McCormick Ranch, Scottsdale

    Having A Legal Dispute Over Property Near McCormick Ranch? We’re Here For You

    Our lawyers have the expertise and tools necessary to guide you through a property dispute.

    Lawyers Helping You Sell A Property In Troon North, Scottsdale

    Selling Your Property Near Troon North? Get In Touch With Our Real Estate Lawyers

    Our team at Denton Peterson Dunn is on your side as you sign contracts, schedule inspections, and make decisions.

    Real Estate Attorneys For Properties In Gainey Ranch, Scottsdale

    Need Legal Advice Before Selling A Home In Gainey Ranch? Contact Our Real Estate Law Firm

    We are available 24/7 to schedule consultations or offer legal counsel regarding home sales in Arizona.

    Frequent Questions About Real Estate Law In Scottsdale

    Buying or selling property, especially for the first time, can be a nerve-racking process. There are a variety of legal requirements and hoops to jump through, and doing it wrong can draw the process out longer. With a real estate attorney guiding you through the process, they can make sure the legal transfer goes smoothly, that the offer made is valid and the property accurately portrayed, and negotiate the terms of the sale to make sure it is fair.

    The most important difference between a real estate attorney and a realtor is that an attorney can give legal advice while the real estate agent cannot. The lawyer can help prepare and review documents related to the sale, including the contract, title, and financial agreement. While the realtor is your advocate to help get the deal done and signed, the real estate attorney will negotiate the terms of sale to keep it in your best financial and legal interest.

    It is entirely dependent on the terms of the contract that was signed. Late fees and interest requirements are completely legal, if they were written into the contract and agreed upon by both parties through a signature. If there was no specific information relating to late or missing payments, the landlord needs to seek the counsel of an attorney to determine what can be done that is within legal bounds. An attorney can also assist with revising the contract between tenant and landlord.

    If construction work does not meet a specific standard set by the contract between client and contractor, it is considered a defect in construction. The defect can also include faulty work, flawed materials or design, or deficiencies in the quality of work done. Whether you want to file charges or are facing allegations of construction defect, it is vital to be represented by an experienced real estate attorney who knows what they are doing.

    In some cases, the buyer can be sued if they back out of the contract. Sellers are legally able to sue buyers for a breach of contract or monetary damages that occur before the contract is finalized. If a buyer backs out, the property seller can be entitled to “specific performance”, which is a lawsuit often used to push buyers or sellers to close. As the buyer, you also risk losing your earnest money, because it was put down as a promise that you would follow through with the contract.

    As a general rule, real estate contracts are effective once signed, which means that one party cannot back out once they agreed and signed the contract. If you find a property you like better after signing an agreement, it is usually too late and you must proceed with the purchase as agreed. But, it is important to note that some contracts contain a specific rescission clause granting the right for one party to cancel the contract within a certain amount of time.

    Lawyer Analyzing A Real Estate Contract With Client

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