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Denton Peterson is a five-star law firm serving clients throughout Paradise Valley and the greater Phoenix Valley. We offer expert representation for employers and employees who need support, advice, and litigation help. From filing paperwork and documents to mediating disputes, our experienced Paradise Valley employment law attorneys are an excellent resource for all your business-related needs. Schedule a consultation with our legal team at Denton Peterson Dunn today.

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With decades of experience under our belt providing legal guidance to clients in a wide variety of difficult situations, Denton Peterson Dunn is an excellent resource. We are well-versed in the details of Arizona labor law and work diligently to keep our knowledge current with the latest regulations regarding employment, wages, partnerships, disputes, and so much more. As top rated employment law lawyers near you in Paradise Valley, Denton Peterson carries five-star ratings across the board, and the AVVO Preeminent Rating for consistently operating with the highest level of integrity and ethics. We are dedicated to providing equal representation for anyone in a difficult workplace situation!

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Get Experienced Legal Counseling For Your Employment Case

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    First Class Attorneys For Employment Law Near Paradise Valley

    Reliable Law Firm Specialized In Labor Law

    Employers can save plenty of time, money, and stress through careful, forward planning. By working with a competent lawyer to review documents, regulations, and contracts, they can significantly lower their liability and risk of getting sued by a disgruntled employee or partner. At Denton Peterson Dunn, our experienced Paradise Valley employment attorneys are prepared to help employers draft, revise, and review effective policies to help govern employee expectations. We ensure there are no loopholes that leave you open to future risk. Additionally, Denton Peterson Dunn can ensure your business is compliant with various federal and state demands to help you avoid hefty fines and lost work time that result from unintentionally breaking the law. We can also help you follow the correct protocols for operation.

    Our Clients’ Testimonials

    Reviews From Past Employer & Employee Clients

    Our employment attorneys and Paradise Valley business lawyers at Denton Peterson are dedicated to offering reliable, effective legal services to every client. Whether you are simply reviewing contracts or facing litigation and dispute, we take your case seriously and fight aggressively for your rights to be accurately represented. We believe every employer and employee deserves to be legally protected at every level, and our passion for what we do shines through in every interaction. We invite you to visit our reviews page to see why our clients recommend us so highly!

    So Pleased With The Firm!

    “We had an urgent contract review and potential litigation issue that popped up unexpectedly. From the initial contact with the reception to our experience with attorney Samuel Dampt, the whole experience has been excellent. Samuel has been responsive and thorough, and we have felt confident in his work on our behalf. We are so pleased with the firm and Samuel's work.”

    5 Star Client Reviews - Denton Peterson PC

    Highly Recommended!

    “HI! Nathan Udall was amazing and solved my legal issue in less than 60 minutes! I entered the law firm with anxiety and left with a feeling of relief. Nathan's level of knowledge and expertise and his ability to communicate and problem solve was outstanding.”

    5 Star Client Reviews - Denton Peterson PC

    Top-Rated Legal Help For Paradise Valley Employers

    Protect Your Business With Employment Law Specialists

    Whether you need help drafting and revising employee contracts, settling an employee dispute, or working through a miscommunication with your business partner, Denton Peterson Dunn is equipped to provide top rated guidance as you navigate your next steps. We know you have put your heart and soul into your business, and you deserve the best representation.

    Top-Rated Legal Help For Paradise Valley Employers
    Efficient Legal Advice For Paradise Valley Employees

    Efficient Legal Advice For Paradise Valley Employees

    Labor Law Experts To Protect Your Employment Rights

    If you have been harassed, wrongfully terminated, or denied appropriate wages, our Paradise Valley business law firm is here to help. We offer a initial consultation where we can discuss your situation and determine if there is a reasonable plan for moving forward. You will receive expert guidance and 24/7 support.

    Employment Lawsuit Attorneys Near You

    Reliable Legal Representation For Employers and Employees

    Navigating a dispute in the workplace is complicated and overwhelming. Both employers and employees deserve expert legal guidance and skilled mediation as you work through the issue and find a solution that satisfies all involved parties. Don’t hesitate to contact our Paradise Valley employment lawsuit attorneys at Denton Peterson Dunn for assistance right away!

    Employment Lawsuit Attorneys Near Paradise Valley

    Our Legal Team At Denton Peterson

    Our Legal Team
    Our business law team ensures you are operating legally in all areas including wages, contracts, and more.
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    Professional Wrongful Termination Lawyers Near You

    Paradise Valley’s #1 Employment Law Attorneys

    Since 1995, our Paradise Valley employment lawyers have successfully guided employees through a variety of difficult situations in the workplace. Each of our clients can vouch for our dedication and passion as we provide the highest level of personalized service and skilled legal guidance. We know that employment and business law is continually fluctuating, so we work diligently to keep our education current so that we can serve our clients in the best way possible.

    From wrongful termination and inappropriate wages, to harassment and incomplete contracts, our Paradise Valley litigation lawyers are proficient in employment law and how it applies in various situations. Contact us today to find out more about our services.

    Certified Wrongful Termination Lawyer

    Comprehensive Legal Help For Your Employment Case

    At Denton Peterson, we know all too well how important your job is for provision, survival, and basic needs. That is why our reliable legal team is prepared to help you fight back against wrongful termination. Employment law is a complex field and employers often miss small details that can make all the difference in the status of your employment. If you believe something has been overlooked and you have been terminated for the wrong reasons, our Paradise Valley business attorneys are proficient in the details and prepared to fight for you and your rights with confidence. Our vast knowledge and experience in wrongful termination cases has earned us a solid reputation, so you can trust that you are in capable hands.

    Legal Help for Paradise Valley Employment Litigation

    Legal Help for Paradise Valley Employment Litigation

    Find skilled, reliable help for all types of employment litigation situations at Denton Peterson Dunn, PLLC. We are proud to offer the most effective legal guidance to employers and employees throughout Arizona, so don’t hesitate to reach out to our lawyers when you feel lost or overwhelmed.

    Employment Lawsuit Consultations Near Paradise Valley

    Employment Lawsuit Consultations Near Paradise Valley

    We want clients to feel welcomed and have the opportunity to ask as many questions as they want without being pressured to make any decision they are not ready to make. Our goal in these consultations is to establish two-way trust.

    Reputable Employee Litigation Legal Representation

    Reputable Employee Litigation Legal Representation

    If you need help filing an employment lawsuit in Arizona or even determining if a lawsuit is a necessary action in your case, consult with our five star Paradise Valley employee litigation attorneys. We have years of experience helping clients navigate litigation in the workplace.

    Skilled & Trusted Employee Lawsuit Attorney

    Skilled & Trusted Employee Lawsuit Attorney

    At Denton Peterson Dunn, our lawyers are driven by a strong commitment to helping every client find a solution for their concern. Through expert representation and 24/7 support, we strive to provide the best litigation guidance we can for those seeking justice in a difficult situation.

    Request A Confidential Employer Litigation Case Consultation

    Request A Confidential Employer Litigation Case Consultation

    If you have found yourself dealing with a dispute, wrongful termination, harassment, discrimination, inappropriate wages, or another illegal situation, schedule a consultation right away at Denton Peterson. All consultations are 100% confidential, and we will discuss the details of your case to determine if litigation is the appropriate action.

    Affordable Employer Lawsuit Filings Near Paradise Valley

    Affordable Employer Lawsuit Filings Near You

    Our top priority at Denton Peterson Dunn, PLLC, is to offer skilled legal guidance that is available to all. We know many people avoid legal action due to the financial strain, which is why we proudly offer a variety of flexible payment plans to our clients.

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