Legal Consequences of Sexual Assault In The Arizona Workplace

The Effects Of Sexual Assault Charges On Your Job

Being accused of any kind of sex crime can jeopardize every area of your life. Whether it’s charges of rape, sexual harassment, indecent exposure, or child pornography, clearing your name is essential. Even if you are acquitted and the charges don’t result in a conviction, allegations of a sexual crime can cause serious damage to your relationships, your reputation, and even your livelihood.

Conviction of a serious sex crime, such as sexual assault, will carry heavy and lifelong penalties, including prison time, fines, probation, and registry as a sex offender. However, if you are facing allegations or charges of sexual assault, you’ll probably face other consequences, such as damage to your reputation and relationships. But whether sex crimes allegations can cause your employer to terminate your employment is not a straightforward or easy answer.

What is true is that you can decrease the chances of losing your job or professional licensure by retaining the services of an experienced Mesa sex crimes attorney as soon as possible once you’ve discovered the allegations. By retaining a lawyer immediately, you can avoid making costly mistakes in your communications with law enforcement and other officials who may be involved in the situation; you may also be able to reduce the damage by avoiding sex crime charges altogether or securing a dismissal of the entire situation.

Legal Consequences of Sexual Assault In The Arizona Workplace

When Do Sex Crime Accusations Result In Termination Of Employment?

Like many other areas of the law and criminal defense, sex crime cases are always unique. But an employer’s decision to terminate your employment will depend on a number of factors, which will likely include:

  • The alleged conduct: Not all sex crimes carry the same weight or stigma. For example, a charge of indecent exposure because you were urinating public is very different from the reputation damage you will face if you are accused of sexual assault of a minor. Your employer’s decision to terminate you or allow you to maintain your position at your company will probably be heavily influenced by the severity of the accusations.
  • When the alleged conduct took place: In many cases, employers learn of sex crime accusations long after they were alleged to have happened. Generally speaking, the more time that has passed since the alleged conduct, the better your chances of keeping your job. More severe allegations, such as sexual assault, will stay with you for life and can continue to affect your employment even many years later.
  • Where the alleged conduct occurred: If the accusations against you are credible and were alleged to have happened at your place of employment, it’s very likely that you will be terminated because your conduct likely violated the policies of your employment and workplace conduct. But even if you are innocent, the environment may become toxic and your reputation may be so seriously damaged that you may be forced to leave on your own decision.
  • Whether you were prosecuted: If the accusations turn into criminal charges, you may be able to clear your name with an acquittal and keep your job. But if the charges become a conviction, your employer may terminate your employment. Additionally, an employer has the right to terminate your job if you miss work due being in jail or a prison sentence.
  • What profession you have: Many professions and employers require mandatory background checks. Passing a background check is also required to obtain or maintain many types of professional licensure. Additionally, if you work with vulnerable populations such as children or disabled people, you may be ineligible for hire if you cannot maintain your professional licensure or pass the mandatory background check. Finally, if your employer has a very public profile, the allegations against you may hurt the business, in which case your employer may choose to terminate your employment to protect their reputation.

Due to the extensive effects that sex crime allegations will have on your life, reputation, and employment, it’s imperative to consult with a trusted Gilbert sex crimes lawyer for your best chance at protecting your employment.

What Happens If I Disclose Sexual Allegations To My Employer?

Choosing to disclose sexual assault allegations or charges to your employer can be a difficult and complicated conversation, so talk with your Queen Creek sex crimes defense attorney about when and how to have that discussion with your employer.

Generally speaking, your employer cannot legally terminate your employment simply because of sex crime accusations. Your employer will need to be able to demonstrate that your alleged conduct demonstrated that you were unfit for your position, violated your terms of employment, or otherwise impacted their business.

What About Sex Crime Accusations In The Workplace?

You can be terminated for accusations of sexual assault in the workplace, even if you are never charged or convicted. Unlike in a criminal court, your employer does not need evidence beyond a reasonable doubt in order to terminate your employment. Instead, they may only need credible evidence or testimony that you sexually harassed or assaulted a co-worker. Regardless of the exact allegations, retaining a Phoenix sex crimes lawyer is crucial.

This article is courtesy of VS Criminal Defense, a trusted Arizona criminal defense firm that specializes in defending sex crime allegations. With their years of experience and comprehensive understanding of Arizona law, the attorneys at VS Criminal Defense have developed a reputation for effective and assertive representation on behalf of their clients.


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