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Real estate transactions may seem simple — you buy or you sell — but they can actually be some of the most complicated legal transactions out there. The reason is that they usually bring together multiple areas of the law, such as contract, property, and tax law. In order to have a successful transaction and to protect yourself from liability, you need to work with a Gilbert real estate lawyer who is experienced with all the potential issues and areas of law.

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Because real estate can be such a complicated field of law, it is vital to have a reputable real estate attorney on your side to shed light on the details. Real estate law involves the overlapping of multiple legal aspects, including contract, property, tort, and tax, so hiring a proficient legal team that you can trust will make all the difference in your real estate experience.

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    Gilbert Commercial & Residential Real Estate Transactions

    When purchasing commercial property in Arizona, you will face a complicated set of legal issues. Commercial real estate transactions tend to be larger by dollar amount and tend to require more due diligence. A typical commercial real estate purchase will require several tasks to be completed and supervised by an experienced commercial real estate attorney. You can rely on the Denton Peterson Dunn, PLLC AZ commercial real estate lawyers and paralegals to understand your goals, identify potential obstacles, and find the best way for you to realize the benefit of the bargain while avoiding the risk of any unpleasant surprises later.

    Real Estate Attorneys | Denton Peterson, P.C.

    Whether you are buying or selling residential real estate, Denton Peterson Dunn is qualified to represent you throughout every stage of the process. We are a top rated real estate law firm in Gilbert, carrying five-star reviews across the board along with the AVVO Preeminent Rating. Our attorneys have intimate knowledge of residential real estate law and can provide professional legal guidance for you.

    If you are a homeowner ready to settle into a newly purchased home, you will need to find a reputable Gilbert property attorney to draft and review all documents related to the sale, including purchase contracts, options, seller property disclosure statements, deeds, liens, and so much more. Denton Peterson Dunn is well-versed in every aspect of paperwork surrounding the buying and selling of a residential property, so contact us today to get started!


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    When residential or commercial property owners, landlords, tenants, or real estate agents face disputes or claims, the team at Denton Peterson Dunn is an excellent choice for legal guidance and action. We have vast experience and thorough knowledge of the complexities regarding real estate law, and do our best to help every client who walks through our doors. When you consult with our attorneys at Denton Peterson Dunn, you can trust that your case will be handled with respect, priority, and urgency. From the initial case examination to the end goal, we will provide professional legal counsel and fight tirelessly for your rights. Continue reading below or visit our reviews page to learn more about why our lawyers are so highly praised and recommended for all your real estate needs throughout Gilbert.

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    “I was very happy with the service I was provided by Denton Peterson Dunn PC. Things were handled on time and with personal care. ”

    Re-Posted From Google Nancy O. – Mesa ★★★★★

    Excellent job representing my case!

    “Their office was very responsive and did a great job explaining the contract terms and identifying/addressing potential issues early on.”

    J.C. – Scottsdale ★★★★★

    Happily Recommend

    “I had the opportunity to work with Denton Peterson Dunn law firm relating to an issue involving title to some real property. Larry provided me with guidance on the law and helped me make achieve my goals for less than I anticipated. I would happily recommend Larry or his firm to others.”

    Marty R. ★★★★★

    Legal Matters Handled By Our Gilbert Real Estate Law Firm

    Property Sales, Purchases & Acquisitions

    Exchange Of Residential And Commercial Property In Gilbert Exchange of Residential & Commercial Property

    Whether you’re buying or selling a residential property or commercial property, you need guidance from Gilbert’s trusted real estate attorneys as you go through the legal process. We can promote a smooth sale or purchase while protecting you from unexpected surprises, liability, and other complications.

    Property Encroaching And Trespassing Attorneys In Gilbert, AZ Property Line Disputes: Encroaching & Trespassing

    When you’re facing disputes from neighboring property owners, we can help. We will work with you and other parties to resolve the conflict, restore property boundaries, and provide legal guidance through the process. Protect yourself from liability with trusted legal service from Gilbert real estate attorneys.

    Lease of Commercial or Residential Property Lawyers in Gilbert, AZ Lease Of Commercial Or Residential Properties

    Leases are complex documents. Before you sign a lease, it’s crucial that you understand what you’re agreeing to. If you are leasing out your property, you need a solid lease agreement that protects you, addresses all possible complications, and ensures profitability of your rental property.

    Lien Foreclosures, Distressed Property And Foreclosed Home Attorneys Lien Foreclosures, Distressed Property & Foreclosed Homes

    We provide expert legal guidance for individuals and businesses facing foreclosures and similar situations. The Gilbert real estate attorneys at Denton Peterson Dunn are ready to provide compassionate and aggressive legal services on your behalf. Call us today to schedule your free consultation!

    Short Sales And Real Estate Fraud Settlement Lawyers Short Sales & Real Estate Fraud Settlements

    The experienced Gilbert real estate attorneys at Denton Peterson Dunn are prepared to offer trusted legal advice and guidance on complicated real estate matters, including short sales and fraud. Call our team if you’re facing one of the situations and need guidance and representation!

    Lawyers Helping You Understand Homeowner Association Laws and Regulations in Gilbert, AZ Homeowner Association Laws & Regulations

    We can assist in writing HOA regulations as well as represent property owners who are facing a dispute, breach of contract, complications, or overstep from an HOA. We will fight to protect your rights and interests as we assist you in resolution of the problem. Call us today to get started!

    Lawyers For Easement Appurtenant, Evictions, And Encumbrances In Gilbert Easement Appurtenant, Evictions, Encumbrances & More

    Our Gilbert real estate law firm can assist with virtually any real estate-related dispute or need, including easements, evictions, encumbrances, and other complications. We are experienced in negotiation and are frequently able to resolve disputes out of court, which saves time and money for all parties.

    Gilbert Landlord Tenant Lawyers

    Highly Qualified Real Estate Closing Attorneys Serving Gilbert

    As a landlord, you may find that you need professional assistance with drafting, revising, or reviewing lease documents and rental agreements. You will likely also run into issues with non-compliant tenants and ultimately need to force eviction as a solution to the issue. If this describes your situation, consider contacting the experienced property dispute lawyers at Denton Peterson Dunn. We are professional, knowledgeable, and ready to guide you through the legalities of Arizona’s eviction laws and procedures. Our attorneys can manage all the required paperwork, effectively represent you in court if the eviction notice is challenged, and serve as an unbiased third party between landlord and tenant. Contact us today to learn more about our property dispute services!

    Landlord Tenant Lawyers In Gilbert, AZ
    We Specialize In Gilbert Commercial Real Estate Issues

    We Specialize In Gilbert Commercial Real Estate Issues

    Trusted Lawyers Representing Gilbert Lenders

    Buying or selling commercial real estate can be more complicated because it usually involves a more expensive transaction, special zoning issues, and landlord and tenant issues. A real estate lawyer from our team can ensure that all due diligence is performed for a successful transaction and will guide you through the legal issues that need to be considered.

    When you’re in need of expert legal representation, contact the top-rated mortgage lender attorneys and home loan lawyers in Arizona at Denton Peterson Dunn, PLLC today to schedule your case consultation. Call our real estate law office in Gilbert at 480-685-9025 now to speak with one of our AV Preeminent home lending property attorneys or paralegals.

    Experienced Attorneys For Residential Real Estate Issues In Gilbert

    Reliable Law Firm Representing Gilbert Real Estate Agents

    Our Gilbert attorneys help buyers and sellers through all stages of residential real estate transactions. We can also help with issues that arise after all the paperwork has been signed and finalized. Our attorneys can help you with:
    Reviewing documents related to the purchase or sale of a residence

    • Drafting purchase contracts
    • Providing counsel on buying or selling options
    • Creating and reviewing property disclosure statements
    • Providing counsel on deeds, liens, property ownership, transfer, etc.

    Once the transaction is completed, many residential homeowners still need legal help. You may encounter legal issues long after acquiring the property. For example, you may have a neighbor who builds a fence well past the property line and refuses to remedy the situation. Or, if the encroaching fence has been there long enough, then your neighbor may claim that portion of the property as his own, a legal issue also known as “adverse possession.”

    We can help with these kinds of disputes and more. Some of the other issues that we assist Gilbert homeowners with include easement rights, disputes between joint owners of the property, agreements for private road maintenance, well-sharing agreements, disputes with homeowner’s associations, and disputes over deed restrictions. By working with an experienced real estate lawyer, you protect your legal interests and minimize any liability in the process.

    Experienced Attorneys For Residential Real Estate Issues In Gilbert
    Legal Representation For Gilbert Lenders And Agents

    Legal Representation For Gilbert Lenders & Agents

    Qualified Attorneys Representing Gilbert Landlords & Tenants

    Buyers and sellers are not the only parties in a real estate transaction. Our experienced Gilbert attorneys also represent mortgage lenders and real estate agents. We help lenders in foreclosure and collection proceedings, trustee sales, and more. We help real estate agents minimize their liability in a sale, collect a fee that is being withheld, enforce real estate contracts, etc.

    Whether you need to litigate a claim or just need help with negotiation or mediation, our attorneys have the experience and skill to get the results you need. Contact Denton Peterson Dunn, PLLC today to talk with an experienced real estate lawyer today.

    Our Legal Team

    Our Legal Team

    Our award-winning attorneys have extensive experience in the legal field and have been recognized as industry leaders.

    Client Testimonials

    Client Testimonials

    Read our five star reviews from our many satisfied clients! We have developed a reputation for success.

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    The Law Blog

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    Why We’re Gilbert’s Preferred Real Estate Attorneys

    Real Estate Lawyers Specializing in Litigation And Property Disputes

    Real Estate Lawyers Specializing in Litigation & Property Disputes

    Denton Peterson Dunn has decades of experience negotiating property disputes and is prepared to fight for resolution on your behalf. In many cases, we can resolve conflicts out of court. However, we are prepared to handle litigation in court if it becomes necessary to resolve the issue.

    Over 60 Years of Combined Expertise in Real Estate Legal Counseling

    When it comes to real estate law, experience matters. The Gilbert real estate attorneys at Denton Peterson Dunn have over 60 years of combined experience handling all types of disputes and issues in real estate law. We will use our knowledge and experience to resolve your issue quickly!

    Over 60 Years of Combined Expertise in Real Estate Legal Counseling
    We Assist With Residential And Commercial Property Purchase Cases

    We Assist With Residential & Commercial Property Purchase Cases

    Buying a residential or commercial property can be complicated, and many cases become even more complex when unexpected issues arise. Our Gilbert real estate lawyers will guide you through the process, offer resources and assistance as needed, and promote a smooth purchase.

    Gilbert’s Trusted Real Estate Investment Attorneys

    Top Real Estate Transaction Lawyer In Gilbert

    Misrepresentation in Real Estate Case | Denton Peterson PC

    If you have chosen to purchase a home or property governed by a Homeowners’ Association (or HOA), it is important to know that additional legal issues can arise. By purchasing a home in an HOA, you are bound by contract to maintain your property according to their standards and to use it in specific ways decided by the HOA, its Board of Directors, and other owners within the association. Understandably, this can cause a number of legal issues, such as the HOA incorrectly interpreting or enforcing the covenants and restrictions, breaching the contract, or selectively choosing which homeowners must follow stricter rules. When this happens, Denton Peterson Dunn has years of experience bringing legal action and claims against HOAs guilty of these unfair treatments. We are well-equipped to help you amend the HOA documents and defend your rights from unreasonable penalties.

    Local Home Buyer-Seller Attorneys In Gilbert

    Real Estate Attorney Specializing In Commercial Property Transactions

    After the paperwork from your attorney has been drafted and signed, and the sale has been finalized, it is possible that some issues will arise with your property boundaries or easements. Over time, especially with older houses, boundary lines can easily become unclear, leading to neighbors crossing property lines either accidentally or purposely. Some may even take possession of your property through a process known as adverse possession or “squatter’s rights”. When this happens, Denton Peterson Dunn can help reestablish clear boundary lines for your property so there is no doubt about where the boundaries lie. We have extensive experience defending property owners and bringing claims for adverse possession against infringing neighbors. Additionally, our attorneys are qualified to draft and enforce deed restrictions, easement and well agreements, private road maintenance agreements, and any other contract necessary between you and your neighbors.

    5-Star Gilbert Real Estate Dispute Lawyers

    5 Star Gilbert Real Estate Dispute Lawyers

    If you need legal help settling real estate disputes, contact the qualified, five-star lawyers at Denton Peterson Dunn for the best real estate representation in Arizona.

    #1 Property Dispute Paralegals in Gilbert, AZ

    #1 Property Dispute Paralegals in Gilbert

    The attorneys at Denton Peterson Dunn are the best property dispute paralegals in the state and are an exceptional resource for drafting, reviewing, and enforcing deed disputes and restrictions.

    Gilbert Real Estate Lawyers Near You

    Gilbert Real Estate Lawyer Near Me

    For aggressive, effective real estate representation in Gilbert, consult with the professionals at Denton Peterson Dunn. We will defend and represent your rights in a variety of real estate disputes.

    Top Property Law Attorneys In Gilbert, AZ

    Gilbert’s Top Property Law Attorneys

    Our attorneys have extensive knowledge regarding the complexities of property law and can provide professional, clear guidance for a variety of disputes surrounding property and real estate transactions.

    Gilbert Real Estate Property Lawyers Nearby

    Gilbert Real Property Lawyers Nearby

    As a local Gilbert real estate property law firm carrying deep knowledge and extensive experience with settling real estate disputes, Denton Peterson Dunn is a reliable resource for you.

    File A Real Estate Lawsuit In Gilbert, AZ

    File A Real Estate Lawsuit In Gilbert

    When you need assistance filing a real estate lawsuit in Gilbert, consult with the legal team at Denton Peterson Dunn, P.C. Our attorneys are knowledgeable, efficient, and thorough.

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    Legal Counseling For Home Buying In Higley Estates, AZ

    Need Legal Counseling To Buy A Home In Higley Estates? Contact Our Real Estate Law Firm

    Get the legal guidance and advice you need from a trusted real estate lawyer at Denton Peterson Dunn.

    Legal Representation For Property Disputes Near Power Ranch, AZ

    Having A Legal Dispute Over Property Near Power Ranch? We’re Here For You

    We will protect your interests while fighting to resolve your conflict quickly and legally. Reach out today!

    Experienced Real Estate Attorneys Near Val Vista Lakes

    Looking For Experienced Real Estate Attorneys Near Val Vista Lakes? Give Us A Call

    Whether you have a legal question, are facing litigation, or need help resolving a dispute, we can help!

    Legal Advice For Selling A Home Or Property In Seville, Gilbert

    Need Legal Advice Before Selling A Home In Seville? Contact Our Real Estate Law Firm

    Our Gilbert real estate lawyers are ready to answer all of your questions and set you up for success.

    Selling Your Property Near Finley Farms, Gilbert

    Selling Your Property Near Finley Farms? Get In Touch With Our Real Estate Lawyers

    Let our trusted Gilbert real estate attorneys help you prepare for the smooth sale of your property.

    FAQs About Real Estate Law

    Real estate lawyers assist with the sale and acquisition of property in many ways. We can provide legal advice and guidance throughout the process; review, revise, and negotiate agreements with other parties; address capital gains and other taxation issues related to the sale of your property; guide short sales and other more complicated real estate transactions; and much more. Call Denton Peterson Dunn today to learn more about the process of buying or selling property and how we can help.

    Real estate agents and real estate attorneys provide many similar services. However, Gilbert real estate lawyers offer multiple services that real estate agents cannot:

    –Provide legal advice: Although real estate agents have extensive knowledge regarding real estate sales, they cannot offer legal advice. We can help you understand the validity and legal effect of documentation and other valuable services in order to prevent you from facing legal complications down the road.

    –Unbiased review of real estate documentation: Real estate agents benefit from the sale and purchase of real estate, but we work on a flat fee. We can review your documentation to ensure that it is in your best interest without any potential conflicts.

    –Provide opinions on titles: Real estate agents are prohibited from offering opinions about the state of a title. We can protect you from potential problems by offering our experienced legal opinion to titles, encumbrances, and related issues.

    –Draft and negotiate legal documents: Real estate agents can only fill in the blanks on pre-printed forms. Our Gilbert real estate lawyers can draft unique purchase agreements, lease agreements, contracts for deed, other specialized arrangements, amendments, and more on your behalf.

    Arizona law allows landlords to charge up to $5 per day in late fees for missed payments. However, late fees, eviction, and termination of lease agreements are very complex and landlords need seasoned legal guidance in order to protect themselves. Failure to follow the state law can result in litigation, liability, and more. Call the trusted Gilbert real estate attorneys at Denton Peterson Dunn for guidance.

    Denton Peterson Dunn is experienced in handling construction defects claims, an important facet of real estate law. If you’re facing issues with construction defects of your home or property, reach out to our Gilbert construction defects lawyers to schedule your free, confidential consultation. We can review your legal options and develop a plan to move forward.

    Whether you can sue a buyer who backs out at the last minute will depend on the terms in your purchase agreement. In most cases, a purchase agreement will contain contingencies that were written specifically to protect the potential buyer from being sued in these types of circumstances. However, the seller will likely be able to keep the earnest money that was put down when the purchase agreement was signed. Consult with the Gilbert real estate lawyers at Denton Peterson Dunn for advice on your specific situation.

    You may be able to break your purchase agreement, but will typically lose the earnest money that you have put down on the property. This will ultimately depend on the terms of your purchase agreement. Get legal assistance and guidance from Denton Peterson Dunn! Call us to schedule your consultation with our attorneys.

    Lawyer Analyzing A Real Estate Contract With Client

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