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Collective Action Opt-In
RE: Thorpe, et al. v. VirTra Systems, Inc
1.I consent, agree, and opt-in as a plaintiff to the lawsuit filed against Defendant
VirTra Systems, Inc., to pursue my claims of unpaid overtime during my employment with the company.
2. To the best of my knowledge, I meet the following criteria: I worked for VirTra Systems, Inc. either as a System Installer/Technical
Support employee and/or at some point between
and the present, and
I was not paid time and a half for overtime hours that I worked.
3. I understand that this lawsuit is brought under the Fair Labor Standards Act, and I
consent to be bound by the Court's decision.
4. I designate Timothy F. Coons, Denton Peterson, P.C., as my attorney to prosecute
my wage claims.
5. I consent to having the representative Plaintiff in the Complaint against VirTra Systems, Inc. make all decisions
regarding the litigation and the method and manner of conducting this litigation.
6. If needed, I authorize Timothy F. Coons, Denton Peterson, P.C. to use this consent
to re-file my claim in a separate lawsuit or arbitration against the Defendants.



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If you sign a paper version of the form, you should return your signed form to:
Denton Peterson, P.C.
1930 N. Arboelda, Suite 200
Mesa, AZ 85213
Timothy F. Coons, attorney for the Plaintiff and/or
System Installer/Technical Support employees
Phone (480) 325-9900
Fax: (480) 325-9901