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Consult with the franchise attorneys at Denton Peterson Dunn when you need franchise services such as preparing FDDs, drafting franchise agreements for a single unit and regional franchises, help navigating the state registration process, legal counseling about compliance and disclosure regulation, assistance with the initial franchise formation, franchise consultants, including addendums on franchise agreements, assistance with franchise terminations or transfers, and legal advice on federal and state compliance.
We are proficient in all of these franchise services, and more!

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    Leading Franchise Law Firm Serving All Of Phoenix

    Franchise law is one of the more complex areas of law, making it challenging for both the franchisor and franchisee alike to follow procedures properly. When you are franchising your business, you are legally required to inform prospective franchisees about the business and about yourself by utilizing a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). It is important to have an experienced franchise lawyer guide you through the process, to draft and review franchise documents, and assist with any other legal documents you may need.

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    Get The Legal Advice You Need To Register Your Franchise With Skilled Attorneys

    Not only do our lawyers at Denton Peterson Dunn draft and complete the FDD, but we also provide professional assistance through the state registration process. States requiring registration include California, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin.

    While the actual registration process varies from state to state, most governments require that the FDD is filed and fully approved before a franchisor can begin to actually sell a franchise in that particular state. Our lawyers have helped countless clients register their franchise in various states successfully and smoothly.

    Franchisors are required to renew their state registration each year. To make that process simpler, we can alert our franchise clients when their renewal is due each year, and help guide them through that process with ease.

    Our Legal Team

    Our Legal Team

    From contracts to employment law, our business law team will keep you operating legally.

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    Client Testimonials

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    The Law Blog

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    Franchise Counseling & Representation In Phoenix With 5-Star Rated Reviews

    Denton Peterson Dunn is well-known throughout society and the legal community as capable, experienced, and friendly lawyers. We are intimately familiar with the laws surrounding franchises and franchisees, and work hard to keep you empowered and knowledgeable throughout your entire legal process. The success of our clients is our top priority, so we are always available to offer legal assistance when you need us.

    Highly Recommend!

    “Recently worked with Brad Denton & Priscilla over at Denton Peterson Dunn. What a joy to work with them! They are extremely knowledgeable, effective, and responsive. They kept me posted all along the way and I would recommend them to anyone!”

    Top Notch Team!

    “I loved working with Elena for my franchise. She was so helpful reviewing the FDD and other documents for me. She really was able to explain things that I did not understand and helped to put things into perspective for me. She was prompt and organized in all that she did for me. I would use her again.”

    Let Our Phoenix Franchise Attorneys Help You Create A Compliant Franchise Disclosure Document

    When it comes to drafting and reviewing franchise documents, the attorneys at Denton Peterson Dunn are experienced and capable to prepare the documents and educate clients throughout the process. The Franchise Disclosure Document is a lengthy document consisting of 23 different sections, requiring information about litigation history involving the franchisor and its officer, disclosure of parental and affiliate companies, initial fees and ongoing costs of the franchise, training and advertising details, current and former franchisee disclosures, any financing that may be offered by the franchisor, and detailed financial information including audited financial statements. Additionally, the FDD contains several pages of examples showing sample franchise agreements, a table of contents for the operations manual, financial statements, and more. Along with guiding clients through the document, our franchise lawyers offer professional legal advice regarding the benefits and risks of making financial representations in the FDD. We work hard to ensure the form is completed thoroughly and accurately.

    Legal Help With Franchise Documentation In Phoenix

    Aiding Prospective Franchisees With Legal Documentation

    When you choose Denton Peterson Dunn to walk with you through the franchise process, you can trust that our services are committed, trustworthy, and knowledgeable. You can expect flat rates and firm deadlines for our franchise work.

    With our strong dedication to ensuring that our clients have the quality legal representation they deserve, Denton Peterson Dunn offers the most comprehensive and detailed legal services for prospective franchises in Phoenix. Get the best legal support from our Phoenix franchise attorneys by contacting us today.

    Lawyer Helping Clients Understand Franchise Royalty Payments

    Understanding Phoenix’s Franchise Royalty Payments

    Because of our years of experience helping businesses throughout the Valley with a wide range of services, our Gilbert franchise lawyers are proficient in preparing and filing amendments to their registration when changes occur in their business structure or franchise offering.

    This is a critical component in the franchising process. Because the legal landscape of franchising is constantly changing, you need a trusted Phoenix business attorney on your side to ensure that every aspect of your franchise registration is meticulously attended to by our top-rated team.

    Franchise Startup Assistance In Phoenix From Experienced Attorneys

    Phoenix Franchise Startup Assistance From Experienced Attorneys

    At our leading Phoenix business law office, Denton Peterson Dunn is committed to handling every aspect of franchising your business to give you peace of mind. This is a complex field, and some states may require franchisors to apply for authorization before beginning to sell their franchise in that state.

    The five star franchise lawyers in Scottsdale at Denton Peterson Dunn are equipped with the expertise to ensure that your franchise has all of the legal qualifications it needs in order to properly grow in other areas. To learn more, contact our team of franchise attorneys and business lawyers today.

    Lawyers Helping Clients Protect And Enforce Brand Standards

    Protect & Enforce Brand Standards & System Integrity

    Whether our clients need help negotiating an agreement with prospective franchisees, guidance with resolving a franchisee dispute, or professional advice regarding non-compliant franchisees, our attorneys are available. Get a broad spectrum of Phoenix franchise legal services at Denton Peterson Dunn.

    Five star rated on Google, Yelp, and AVVO, our Phoenix and Mesa franchise attorneys are a Better Business Bureau accredited business with a strong history for success and offer the legal support and representation you need when looking for a wide range of franchise services. To learn more, contact us today!

    Most Trusted Local Phoenix Franchise Law Firm

    During the initial consultation with prospective franchisors, our lawyers at Denton Peterson Dunn address areas of opportunity and concern. We offer legal guidance regarding the structure of the proposed franchise, what type of franchise would work best for our client, and how to distinguish between unit franchises, representation franchises, and other types. The client’s goals and objectives are also addressed while laying the groundwork for the next steps. Lastly, we draft all the appropriate documents in accordance with federal and state franchise laws.

    If there are any material changes, franchisors are legally required to revise the FDD as soon as possible to include those changes. Our lawyers are proficient in preparing and filing amendments to their registration when changes occur in their business structure or franchise offering.

    Phoenix Franchisee Law Guidance
    Phoenix Franchisee Law Guidance

    Let our capable lawyers offer professional guidance regarding your right to use existing trademarks, associated brands, and other knowledge to market the franchise you have purchased. Our team has years of experience providing franchise law guidance to business owners throughout the Valley, making us the leading franchise lawyers in Scottsdale who are equipped to help you.

    Top Rated Phoenix Franchisor Representation
    Most Reliable Phoenix Franchisor Representation

    Obtaining a trademark is another important piece of the franchise creation process. Denton Peterson Dunn is experienced in helping clients work through the USPTO registration process to obtain a trademark, and can guide clients through filing all the necessary applications and required documents with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

    Trusted Franchise Business Legal Advisors In Phoenix
    Trusted Franchise Business Legal Advisors In Phoenix

    Due to the lengthy, complex nature of the franchise process along with our small firm size, our attorneys at Denton Peterson Dunn often develop a close working relationship with our clients. We feel a deep sense of commitment to help franchisors get started and be successful while continuing to maintain the support of our existing franchise clients all throughout the United States.

    5 Stars Franchisor Legal Help
    Legal Support For Franchisors With A Five-Star Reputation

    Whether you are a new franchisor starting from scratch, or need assistance with an existing franchise, contact our lawyers at Denton Peterson Dunn. We are proficient with franchise documents, agreements, and negotiations on behalf of both franchisor and franchisee.

    Best Rated Phoenix Franchise Registration Attorneys
    Best Rated Phoenix Franchise Registration Attorneys

    Our lawyers are intimately familiar with the process of creating franchise entities, and can help clients file the appropriate formation documents, create an operating agreement, obtain an EIN from the IRS, and answer any questions our clients may have about forming a franchise entity.

    Experienced Franchising Lawyers In Phoenix
    Experienced Franchising Lawyers In Phoenix

    Denton Peterson Dunn has helped franchises all over the United States and Canada become successful including restaurants, coffee shops, a background check company, a weight-loss clinic, specialty toy store, specialty healthcare companies, a water company, office cleaning and security, a tanning company, and more.

    Why We Are Phoenix’s Preferred Business Litigation Lawyers

    Franchise Attorneys With A Proven Track Record

    Franchise Attorneys With A Proven Track Record Of Success Near You

    Our franchise attorneys boast a proven track record of success, providing unmatched expertise in resolving legal disputes and safeguarding the interests of local businesses.

    Over 60 Years Of Experience

    Law Firm With A Collective Experience Of Over 60 Years

    Our seasoned team of attorneys is dedicated to providing effective and tailored solutions, ensuring the highest standard of legal representation.

    Results-Driven, Comprehensive Business Litigation Lawyers

    Results-Driven, Comprehensive Services Tailored To The Client’s Needs

    With a focus on excellence and client satisfaction, we strive to achieve optimal outcomes through strategic and personalized approaches to legal representation.

    Talk To An Experienced Franchise Attorney Today!

    Expert Franchise Legal Counsel For Your Business

    Trusted Franchise Attorneys Dedicated To Helping You Protect Your Interests, & Ensure The Success Of Your Franchise Venture

    Elevate your franchise venture with our expert legal counsel, where dedicated franchise attorneys are committed to safeguarding your interests and ensuring the success of your business. Our trusted team specializes in navigating the intricate legal landscape of franchising, offering comprehensive support to protect your investment. From meticulously reviewing franchise agreements to providing strategic guidance on growth and compliance, we are your reliable partners on the journey to franchise success.

    Reliable Franchise Law Firm Serving Phoenix Neighborhoods

    Are You Considering Franchising Your Business Or Investing In A Franchise Opportunity In North Mountain Village?

    Our Experienced Franchise Lawyers Can Provide You With The Legal Expertise You Need To Make Informed Decisions

    Do You Have Concerns About Franchise Compliance & Regulations In North Phoenix?

    Our Franchise Attorneys Are Well-Versed In Franchise Laws & Regulations

    Are You Facing A Franchise Dispute Or Contract Issues In Maryvale?

    Our Skilled Negotiators & Litigators Can Work To Resolve the Issue Efficiently And In Your Favor

    Need Assistance With Drafting Or Reviewing Franchise Documents In Encanto?

    Our Attorneys Can Provide Comprehensive Drafting & Review Services Tailored To Your Specific Needs

    Considering Franchise Expansion Within Or Beyond Your Current Market In Sunnyslope?

    Our Team Can Guide You Through The Complexities Of Franchise Expansion

    Are You A Franchisee Looking To Protect Your Rights & Investment In Downtown Phoenix?

    We Offer Dedicated Legal Representation To Ensure A Fair And Equitable Relationship With Your Franchisor

    FAQs About Our Legal Services

    Yes, engaging one of our franchise lawyers is advisable when starting as a franchisee, as they can help you thoroughly review the franchise agreement, understand the legal obligations, and negotiate terms with the franchisor to protect your interests. Our franchise lawyer’s expertise ensures that you have a clear understanding of the legal implications, disclosure documents, and potential risks associated with entering into a franchise arrangement.
    At Denton Peterson Dunn, our lawyers can assist with franchise development and growth strategies by providing legal advice on structuring franchise systems, drafting compliance franchise agreements and ensuring regulatory compliance. They play a crucial role in developing expansion plans, addressing legal considerations for multi-unit franchising, and advising on strategies to protect intellectual property throughout the growth process. Additionally, franchise lawyers help navigate disclosure requirements and assist in establishing the legal framework necessary for successful and sustainable franchise development.
    Yes, our franchise lawyers can play a crucial role in international franchising by providing legal guidance on cross-border transactions, compliance with international laws, and drafting agreements tailored to different jurisdictions. They can assist in navigating the complexities of international regulations, intellectual property protection, and dispute resolution specific to franchising. Having one of our franchise lawyers with international expertise is essential for both franchisors and franchisees looking to expand their business globally while ensuring legal compliance and mitigating potential risks.
    A franchise lawyer specializes in the unique legal aspects of franchising, including franchise agreements, disclosure documents, and compliance with franchise laws. They possess specific expertise in navigating the complexities of the franchise business model. In contrast, a general business lawyer provides legal guidance across various business aspects but may lack the specialized knowledge required for franchise-specific legal considerations.
    Yes, it is possible to terminate a franchise agreement, but the ability to do so depends on the terms outlined in the contract. Franchise agreements typically specify conditions under which termination is allowed, often related to breaches of contract, non-compliance, or financial issues. The implications of termination can include legal consequences, financial penalties, and potential damage to the franchisor’s brand reputation. To ensure the rights and regulations of your contract, hire our lawyers at Denton Peterson Dunn!
    Our franchise lawyers play a crucial role in facilitating franchise resale or transfer transactions. They can assist both franchisors and franchisees in navigating the legal complexities associated with the transfer process, ensuring compliance with franchise agreements and relevant regulations. Our lawyers help draft and review transfer agreements, assess the financial implications, and guide parties through negotiations. Contact Denton Peterson Dunn for help with your resale or transfer!
    Franchisors commonly face legal challenges related to franchise agreements, including disputes over contract interpretation, enforcement, and termination issues. Protecting intellectual property, such as trademarks and proprietary business methods, is another significant legal concern for franchisors. This among other issues is a good reason to have a franchise lawyer on your side to ensure proper legal compliance. .
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