Dustin Romney

Background and Education

Dustin Romney is a civil litigator, focusing primarily on commercial and real estate cases. He has represented clients from multi-billion-dollar corporations to small local businesses. He also has experience in constitutional law, having served in the election unit and government accountability and constitutional law unit as an Arizona Assistant Attorney General. He also worked consumer fraud cases as an Assistant Attorney General.

Dustin obtained his law degree from the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University, where he served as president of the Federalist Society. He remains an active member of the Federalist Society as a practicing attorney. Dustin also obtained his Master of Business Administration from the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University.

Business Litigation and Publications

Dustin has been involved in numerous business litigation cases.  For example:

  • He won a judgment against a fraudulent landscaping business.
  • He negotiated a $3 million settlement with a large restaurant chain that had previously been willing to offer only $500,000.
  • He prevailed on a summary judgment motion in a professional contract dispute.
  • He represented property owners in a zoning dispute.

Constitutional Law

Dustin is passionate about constitutional law, and has been involved in a number of constitutional and government law cases, including:

  • Co-drafting an amicus brief in an important Arizona Supreme Court case that voided a payment from the City of Peoria to a private college for violating Arizona’s Gift Clause.
  • Acting as co-counsel in a First Amendment case involving a student at Arizona State who was removed from her position as manager of the student radio (the “Blaze”) for posting a “controversial” tweet.
  • Defending numerous challenges to state election laws in Federal court.
  • Representing the State of Arizona against Arizona State University in a case involving crony property tax deals.
  • Authoring an exhaustive law review article on the constitutional problems with many land-use regulations.

In His Free Time

Dustin loves his church, the outdoors, football, travel, and spending time with his wife and four children.

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