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As a top-rated, extremely knowledgeable litigation law firm in Phoenix, Denton Peterson carries over 50 years of combined experience in all types of business litigation disputes and matters. We are deeply committed to your success and will advocate for you responsibly and relentlessly every step of the way.

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    The attorneys at Denton Peterson PC have a proven record of accomplishment with business and corporate litigation thanks to their extensive experience and unique approach. Our attorneys have several decades of experience in litigation, and they have a track record of success in all types of litigation cases at the trial and appellate level.

    No one wants to have to go to court to defend against a lawsuit – nor does anyone ever really want to have to bring a lawsuit against an employee, a business partner, or a supplier. Lawsuits are time-consuming, expensive and stressful. Yet sometimes, litigation is unavoidable. The best thing you can do is hire an experienced Phoenix litigation lawyer who will significantly improve your chances of success and who will make the whole process a little easier to get through.

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    Phoenix’s Top Business Litigation Attorneys

    Preeminent Phoenix Commercial Litigation Lawyers

    You can count on our experience and legal expertise to guide you through the complex litigation process. We are committed to helping you achieve your goals, and our attorneys are fierce legal advocates for our clients. Our litigation practice areas include (but are not limited to):

    The Denton Peterson Approach to Litigation

    Too often, clients feel like cogs in the machine at other law firms. They are treated like identical parts in a larger system.

    Wage Garnishment Collections Lawyers in Arizona
    Personalized Case Attention

    At Denton Peterson, we take the time to understand your specific situation and to discuss how we can assist you in meeting your goals. We understand that each case is as unique you are. We don’t use the same approach to every case because every case is different. To determine the best strategy for each case, we spend a lot of time with you, going over all the details of the case, and we take the time to make sure we understand what you hope to achieve. We really get to know you and all the circumstances involved before we start putting together a plan. We will also let you know if we believe that you have unrealistic expectations.

    Arizona's Out-of-State Judgment Attorney
    Unique Case Strategy & Approach

    While putting together a strategy, our attorneys also sort through all the complex circumstances in your case to understand which are the most important to determining the outcome. In some cases, we will need to look at the tiniest of details. In others, we must use a broader approach. The only way to find out for sure is to get to know the case and our clients very well, and we are committed to that process.

    Arizona's Out-of-State Judgment Attorney
    Flexible & Skilled Litigators

    Our attorneys remain flexible so that they can change course when appropriate. That might mean creating a new strategy for your litigation, or it might mean determining that litigation isn’t the best course of action at all. Our attorneys are skilled in negotiation, mediation and arbitration as alternative dispute resolution options.

    The legal team of Denton Peterson

    Our Legal Team

    From contracts to employment law, our business law team will keep you operating legally.
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    Client Testimonials for Denton Peterson

    Client Testimonials

    Denton Peterson has built long term relationships with many business law clients. Here is what they say. Read More

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    What You Can Expect from Our Phoenix Litigation Attorneys

    At Denton Peterson, our attorneys really care about our clients. You won’t have to call repeatedly to get someone to talk to you, and you won’t feel like you are getting the brush off when you do. Our knowledgeable paralegals and attorneys are readily available to answer all your questions and concerns so that you feel informed and comfortable throughout the litigation process. We strive to keep an open line of communication to build a strong relationship with clients and to improve the chances of success in litigation.

    Wage Garnishment Collections Lawyers in Arizona

    Informed Legal Guidance Throughout The Litigation Process

    Not only will our attorneys be available when you need them, but they will also be fully prepared for every meeting, every conversation, and every court proceeding. You can feel informed and confident at every point of the litigation process. Our attorneys will make sure you have all the information you need to make the best decisions, including a thorough understanding of the legal issues at hand and the potential risks.

    Arizona's Out-of-State Judgment Attorney
    Representing Phoenix Companies Of All Sizes & Industries

    The Phoenix litigation lawyers at Denton Peterson are fierce advocates for our clients. Once we have determined what your goals are for your litigation, these become our goals, and we will use all the legal tools available to achieve them. Our experienced attorneys represent companies of all sizes and in all types of industries. Call us today to talk with a Phoenix litigation lawyer about your needs and to start discussing your legal options. We are ready to help you.

    Litigation Representation For a Varity of Case Types
    Wage Garnishment Collections Lawyers in Arizona

    Phoenix Real Estate Litigation Attorney

    Denton Peterson can be trusted to successfully handle your real estate disputes.

    Wage Garnishment Collections Lawyers in Arizona

    Phoenix Trust Litigation Attorneys

    When problems arise between heirs and beneficiaries over trust matters, contact Denton Peterson.

    Wage Garnishment Collections Lawyers in Arizona

    Phoenix Estate Litigation Attorneys

    Our attorneys at Denton Peterson specialize in handling all types of estate matters.

    Wage Garnishment Collections Lawyers in Arizona

    Phoenix Probate Litigation Attorneys

    If you are facing a legal dispute over probate matters, our attorneys can help.


    Reviews For Our Corporate Litigation Law Firm In Phoenix

    The litigation attorneys at Denton Peterson bring over 50 years of combined experience into our daily work. We know that every case is unique, and work hard to ensure that each client feels valued and heard. Not only do we have a consistent five-star rating across the board and a solid history of success, but we are highly recommended by previous clients for our excellent service and commitment to helping clients achieve their goals.

    Great law firm!

    “I had a great experience with the entire team. I was thoroughly impressed with their knowledge, response time & their drive on my case.”

    5 Star Client Reviews - Denton Peterson PC

    Extremely Knowledgeablee

    “Recently worked with Brad Denton & Priscilla over at Denton Peterson. What a joy to work with them! They are extremely knowledgeable, effective, and responsive. They kept me posted all along the way and I would recommend them to anyone!”

    5 Star Client Reviews - Denton Peterson PC
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    Leading Phoenix Business Litigation Lawyers

    Skilled Professionals. Personal Service. Exceptional Results.

    As one of the top-rated law firms in Arizona, Denton Peterson is a team of qualified attorneys that will walk you through every step of the litigation process with ease and confidence. One of our goals at Denton Peterson is to foster thorough and effective communication throughout the attorney and client relationship. We know the value of maintaining an open line of communication while creating a strategy for a successful litigation case, and focus on ensuring our clients feel informed and comfortable with every phase of their case. With our vast experience and individualistic approach to each case, our attorneys are flexible and prepared for every stage of the litigation process. When you work with Denton Peterson, you can be confident that we will advocate relentlessly for your rights every step of the way.

    Best Phoenix Commercial Litigation Attorneys

    Premier Legal Representation From Phoenix Litigators

    Whatever your dispute may be, we are ready to provide professional legal assistance. The attorneys at Denton Peterson are trained and knowledgeable in a wide variety of areas, including business and corporate law, employment law, franchising law, collections, real estate, and more. With extensive training, decades of experience, and an unbiased approach to each case, we are prepared to guide you through the complex litigation process smoothly and responsibly. Additionally, we take great care to ensure you are informed, confident, and comfortable with each new phase.

    Five Star Debt Collections Attorneys in Arizona
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    Denton Peterson has ranked as a top law firm serving Phoenix and the surrounding areas for many years. Our commitment to client success and open communication have earned us a strong reputation as one of the best.

    Arizona's Leading Debt Collection Lawyers Nearby
    Hire Phoenix Estate Litigation Lawyer Near Me

    Our attorneys are knowledgeable and ready to provide legal assistance regarding estate matters, including disputes over assets, heirs, challenges to a will, and more. Contact us today to learn more!

    #1 Rated Collections Law Firm Located In Arizona
    Legal Help From Real Estate Litigation Lawyer

    When you are facing significant disputes regarding residential or commercial properties, title disputes, title defects, failures to disclose, mortgage disputes, or other real estate concerns, visit Denton Peterson to discuss your options.

    Average Cost for Arizona Debt Negotiation Lawyer
    Phoenix Law Firm for Business Litigation Case

    We are qualified and experienced in all types of business litigation cases, including commercial and business relationships, claims against other companies, governmental entities, and so much more. Let us help you resolve your business disputes!

    Preeminent AZ Debt Negotiation Attorneys Near Me
    Five Star Phoenix Corporate Litigation Lawyer

    With over 50 years of combined experience in a variety of litigation cases, Denton Peterson can be trusted to competently handle your legal proceedings regarding corporate disputes, contract issues, tort, and more.

    Hire A Collections Negotiation Lawyer in Arizona
    #1 Corporate Litigation Attorney Near Phoenix

    Denton Peterson has been voted #1 corporate litigation lawyer in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. We have extensive training, knowledge, and experience, and are deeply committed to helping our clients resolve disputes professionally and confidently.

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